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AGF0526 05-05-2010 19:34

refinishing glock slide
I plan on refininshing my glock slide with durabake it requires a baking at 300 degrees for 15 min, to cure. Will that heat damage my night sights? Should they be removed proir to refinishing?

RobarGuns 05-06-2010 15:21

You MUST remove the sights before baking it or the tritium tubes will be destroyed. We always remove the sights (or at lease the tubes) before any process that invloves heat - you would be OK up to 150 degrees, maybe even 200, but 300 - no way.

glockmutt 08-01-2010 23:27

There is also a bushing in the firing pin channel that may be KO'd in the process. When I had my slide hard chromed that was something that had to be replaced.

lsbbigdog 08-03-2010 17:36

You will definitely need to pull the channel liner out and re-install a new one because 9 out of 10 times the old one get damaged during removal.

CJVK1031 02-28-2012 20:58

I'm interested in having my gen2 17 slide refinished by Robar with the Poly-T2 tan. For $120? What is the turnaround time for this service?

UrbanCowboy 03-12-2012 05:10


Originally Posted by CJVK1031 (Post 18645738)
I'm interested in having my gen2 17 slide refinished by Robar with the Poly-T2 tan. For $120? What is the turnaround time for this service?

Directly from Robar's FAQ'S,
"Turnaround time varies based on the work being done, our current workload, parts availability, etc. When we enter your order in to our system, we will mail you an order confirmation that will detail the work we are doing, the cost for the work and an estimated delivery date for your order. This is our best estimate of when the work will be complete; it is not a guarantee or firm commitment to have your order done on that date. We make every effort to meet the estimated delivery date provided, however we cannot always do so. What we will NEVER do is compromise the quality of our workmanship to rush your order to completion. Quality custom work takes time - sometimes longer than anticipated - but when you do receive your firearm back it will be worth the wait!

g29cc 04-02-2012 18:37

I wouldnt recommend doing the night sights. But if you must your pretty safe to 250 degrees. 300 degrees you can probably get away at a short time. But I wouldnt push it.

200 degrees will cure most coatings fairly well , but just at a longer cure time.


JGaltNJax 06-26-2013 06:04

unless you just have to have a different color, I don't know why anyone would want to re-do a Glock slide.....they hold up extremely well for years as is....

Glock 1 07-21-2013 08:29

I find it helpful in removing the firing pin channel liner to put a few drops of gun oil down the channel and let it sit a few minutes. Then take a fresh and plump (not a skimpy off brand) Q-tip and douse it in gun cleaner, carefully jam it down the firing pin channel (it should be a tight fit), let sit for a few minutes and slowly remove it. Twist slightly as you pull it out. 9 out of 10 times it will bring the liner out unscathed for me. Good luck. I would also not bake the sights.

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