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Glocktrigger 03-16-2010 10:35

Customer Service and Support
Welcome to Customer Service and Support area. Please leave your feedback related to service and support. New customers and forum members can use this as a tool to discuss any issues that may arise related to customer service.

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Brad_G 03-19-2010 11:25

Is the "Edge" legal for USPSA Production and IDPA SSP or does it break the external mod rule?

Glocktrigger 03-19-2010 14:15

The "EDGE" Trigger
Brad, Thanks for your question.
Yes. To remove pre-travel the trigger safety has to be cut shorter to clear the frame and drop. This keeps the safety functional. I use the "CHALLENGER" in Production & SSP and use the "EDGE" in Limited & ESP.

OneAmericanVet 06-09-2013 19:55

Is there a trigger mod for the G27 that will make the trigger a bit longer and harder pull. The standard OEM trigger is so easy, it scares me for a carry gun. I'm older male, 69 and am very competent with the SW Bodyguard. I did put a trigger extension on it and it's a perfect pull for me. I just want a personal protections piece in a .40 that I'm confortable with.

Glocktrigger 06-09-2013 20:13

You can increase pull weight by adding a
"+" 8lb. Connector. There is no way to increase
The length of the trigger stroke over stock.

Marauderer 03-11-2015 21:20

Jeff, I installed my "Skimmer" today and went to the range and checked it out.

Wow!! It was worth every penny for it. My Gen 2 G19 is really awesome now.

Thanks for having a great product and taking the time to talk to me on the phone to help me decide which trigger assembly would be best for me.

JFFJ 03-24-2015 18:37

Jeff I'm in the process of building an open class 35 and I've been going through the world of triggers with not of success. I've asked a number of sources about maintaining the safeties and still being able to eliminate the pre travel on the trigger with no response as yet. It appears to me that if you want to minimize the pre travel of the Glock trigger you need to compromise the firing pin safety, am I seeing this correctly? Is there a way to maintain all 3 Glock safeties and accomplish a short trigger travel?

Glocktrigger 03-24-2015 19:16

All of our systems maintain All of the safeties. We reduce pre-travel not eliminate it. Ours are non adjustable.

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