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Glocktrigger 03-16-2010 10:27

Welcome to GlockTriggers Forum
NEW Competition Trigger, Get the "EDGE"!

The "EDGE" is fast, light, consistent, with a short crisp reset. As soon as you are on target, pull the trigger and break your shot instantly, accuracy improves from the first shot. This trigger was developed to improve your shooting and does just that. For competition shooter's of all skill levels. This trigger helped me shave 20 seconds of my Classifier time in IDPA in only one season. products are manufactured using factory Glock parts as the backbone. Each trigger is custom built and individually tested to ensure the highest quality, performance and safety. The modifications produce an extremely smooth, light and crisp trigger. This is accomplished while maintaining the integrity of the original Glock factory parts.

Our products were born from a passion for Glock pistols and the shooting sports. We originally developed these triggers three years ago, not knowing at the time it would become a business. Since then, the triggers have been enhanced and have evolved into today's products. The shooters who have used our triggers report immediate improvement in their ability to shoot faster first and follow-up shots with greater accuracy.

The website will be continually updated with new products and information.

Please contact us at 877-454-0877 or by e-mail:

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