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hedrok 03-14-2010 19:42

WTB Mags for:Vepr,Mossy,Iver,S&W,
Looking for extra factory mags for:
Vepr AK....308
Mossberg....642 Chuckster/ 22mag......Model142/ 22LR...
Iver Johnson/Erma Werke......22LR...5, 10 or 15 rd.
S&W 22a......22LR..10 rd.

For quickest response, please send PM with details.

hedrok 03-20-2010 07:07

Looking for other Vepr accessories also.

hedrok 03-27-2010 07:29

Adding to the list...Also looking for 2 sets (front and rear) quality(like Redfield, Lyman, etc.) target sights for small bore

hedrok 04-03-2010 14:38

Still lookin for stuff.

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