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Law2008 03-10-2009 22:21

New here and looking for best price for G17 or 19
Hello, been reading these forums a little and this will be my first post. I am stationed in Camp Pendleton but currently TAD to Ft. Sill, OK, a state where I can buy real mags! Anyway since I've been out here missing my 2 1911s I have the big urge to buy either a 17 or 19 when I get back to California the end of this week. Has anyone here seen a great deal for either model around Oceanside, Vista, or San Diego area?? Iron Sights in O-Side seems reasonable but they said they were backordered when I called last week, and CA Police Equipment seems expensive at $565 base price.

I've seen cheaper prices at and but would it be better to buy from a store or buy online and have it sent to a FFL?

Thank you...

zippo 03-13-2009 23:55

Now this day is very hard to fine G17 or G19 most will run around 539-629.
if U in Camp Pendleton base, they have thier own shop and I not sure what price will be but U save on Tax.
call around see what shop have Glock in stock most place is OUT.

hope is help

Portugee 03-14-2009 18:05

Iron Sights does have some decent prices, but their 9mms seem to get purchased as soon as they arrive. I was in the Turners in San Marcos this afternoon and saw that they had a used and a new G19 in the gun case. The used one was going for $500 and the new one was at $599. They seem to be going fast so you may want to call ahead before you head to San Marcos.

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