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  1. Carry16
    09-22-2013 10:54
    Sorry to bother you LG1, but I can't seem to register at Practical Preparedness. It has refused my email addresses at gmail and yahoo. Is there some away to contact one of the administrators without logging in? When I try to register again it refuses my email address as already in use.
  2. bdcochran
    01-01-2012 13:09
    Read your posting on being tired and being effective. I absolutely agree. I walked out of Afghanistan some 35 years ago through the Khyber Pass with my late wife - and I had serious intestinal problems. That is a long way from watching Rambo in a movie theater, eating popcorn and watching movie actors give each other high fives. I vowed that I would continue training my whole life - and I have. When you are into day 3 of a mantracking class or a sniper class and have been out sleeping on the ground, you gain a good understanding of your limitations and that of equipment.

    It is one thing to watch a movie like Red Dawn. It is another matter to be sick, dirty, cold, wondering when you will have your next meal, watching out for someone else and looking ahead to danger.
  3. Sean150
    11-22-2011 10:45
    Thanks longgun, always wise advice. as a side question, do you know of any only shops that sell food in #10 cans? I don't have any LDS Cannery's near me.
  4. Sean150
    11-20-2011 15:47
    He longgun, I noticed in one of the preparedness threads you mentioned you'd written an article on your ammo Philosophy, you provided a link but it seems it was broken. I'd really like to read it If it's available somewhere.
  5. Bravo 1
    07-22-2011 17:04
    Bravo 1
    Quick question,

    What 2 way radio that is at least 5 watt, picks up A&B shortwave and doesn't have a GPS would you recommend?

    I looked at the Yaesu, it was perfect,,,,well until I saw that the GPS can not be turned off.

    Keep your powder dry bro,
  6. Arcana
    07-15-2011 22:00
    Saw this... thought of you. Of course, you probably have seventeen of them already... but I seem to recall you having a fondness for SBR 10/22s and Chargers.

  7. ric0123
    10-25-2010 21:38
    I'm looking for a suggestion on some large capacity sealed deep cycle batteries. I know you love the sams club 6v, but I want something sealed (going to be on a trailer). I've seen optima blue top but I think they are overpriced for the capacity. I"m leaning towards marathon or something solar related so I can get a good DOD. Thoughts? Looking for something around 100ah
  8. LongGun1
    05-23-2010 16:50
    http://www.ccrane.com/radios/shortwa...cradio-sw.aspx is showing it uses either 4 "D" or 4 "AA". The 4 "D" are normally approx 10,000 ma/h each & the 4 "AA" are normally around 2,000-2,700 ma/h capacity each. So approx 40 a/h at 1.2 vdc or 10 a/h at 4.8 vdc for the "D" cells & 10 a/h at 1.2 vdc or 2.5 a/h at 4.8 vdc for the "AA". Regardless of battery configuration.. about 50 w/h needed for charging the "D"....& 12 w/h for the "AA". Problem is the solar panels you listed are 17.5 vdc...well above the voltage needed for your application. You could get a dc-dc converter..but most are power hogs. Personally, if I were doing this...I would pack 8 or more of the 2,000 mah AA Sanyo Eneloops (which I do use now) mainly because of the low self-discharge...& 2 of these lightweight, portable, foldable PV to AA chargers. http://www.technooutlet.com/cw34674.html?source=GGAN
    By using 2, it would cut the charging time in full sun to just over 3 hours.

    BTW, are you coming to Will's NFA Shoot in Ark the 1st weekend in June?

    Hope this helps,
    LG1 :cool:
  9. Bravo 1
    05-20-2010 11:03
    Bravo 1

    I have something I would love to get your feedback on. I just ordered the CCRANE SW,AM etc radio and adaptors for a solar recharge. I would love to get a 5w or 10w panel to use for this, but I am not sure if these are too small to charge it in a reasonable time frame.

    Please advise,

    CDT Solar

    Clean, Dependable Technology .... since 1987 中文

    * Home
    * Solar Panel
    * 1 watt
    * 5 Watt
    * 10 Watt
    * 20 Watt
    * 40 Watt
    * 50 Watt
    * 60 Watt
    * 80 Watt
    * 90 Watt
    * 100 Watt
    * 120 Watt
    * Solar Fan
    * Charge Station
    * Pole Mount
    * MC Cable
    * Bracket
    * Solar Light
    * Controller
    * About Us
    * Contact Us
    * FAQ
    * To order
    * Testimonial
    * Warranty
    * -

    10 Watt Solar Panel - 10W 12V Crystalline PV module

    Retail : $80

    Retail part#33010 includes mounting brackets in a retail box.

    The most popular application for the 10W panel is to power solar fan.


    Model# CDT-10w
    Part# 31010
    SKU# CDT 31010
    UPC# 7 45995 31010 8

    Rate power: 10 watt Nominal voltage: 12 Volt
    Peak voltage (Vmp): 17.5 Volt
    Peak current (Imp): 0.6 Amp

    Dimensions: 245x410x17 mm,

    10x16x0.7 inch

    Weight: 1.5 Kg, 3.3 Lb.

    Master carton : 10 units


    Copyright CD Technology 2008. All rights reserved. Custom Design Technology, Inc. Santa Clara, California.

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