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  1. SpitFyRRe
    03-16-2009 21:15
    We run over the radio. I guess part of it too was I wasn't really expecting her to do it which caught me off guard. That's a pisspoor excuse, I know. So what would I tell a suspect like that? Stop yelling get back in the car or I'm putting you in the back of my squad for safety?

    I actually had kind of a good day today. I've got that safariland Level II holster, which is actually the slowest holster in my class. We were doing top shooter at the end where we had 3 targets and we had to unholster, deliver 2 to each target, reload, deliver 2 to each target again and reload. I can do that in under 11 seconds. I'm the second fastest in our group. My shots were good, and the majority of them landed in center mass (5 points), but there were 2 misses and 3 or 4 that were in low point areas (arms and hip).

    We also learned to shoot prone today. I did ok in that but I did manage to shoot my target down. Apparently a .40 bullet being shot from 45-50 feet away still has enough umph to drop the target if you hit the target holder.

    When is brown set to go deal with all of this?
  2. SpitFyRRe
    03-12-2009 14:48
    We get them out with a felony stop by the squad mic and we have guns trained on the suspect.

    The woman who got out was just a regular vehicle contact volunteer. I stopped her for speeding and after talking with her for a bit at the car, I went back to run her DL. As soon as I got back in the car, she got out of hers and I got out of my squad and she started yelling.

    You actually think Brown's attorney can/will get him out of it??
  3. SpitFyRRe
    03-11-2009 23:54
    Well, I passed SFST. I did pretty well except for some reason I told my partner to pivot on his front foot during the walk and turn. I spent about an hour or 2 before the test running over the instructions with a friend. I'm definitely not perfect, but I'll get better the more I do it and I know what I'm looking for so it's a start!

    I've come to know I'm going to be busting my hump to get my badge and when I get it, I won't want to lose it because of a scumbag. That doesn't stop the nasty thoughts, but I can get some gratification getting him locked up if I do my job correctly.

    Chris Brown bit Rihanna along with beat her didn't he?

    I hope I won't mess my first felony stop up. We practiced but it was on each other, same with vehicle contacts. I've done that class twice (once in my Associates and once in recruit) and I'm fairly confident with those or I feel like I am anyway. I did fine with the scenarios, I actually had one of the more difficult drivers out of my group. She ended up getting out of her car after I told her 3 times to stay in. She ended up yelling at me for a bit before I finally decided she was done venting and threw in some control talk and informed her she was going back in her car and she was doing it immediately.
  4. SpitFyRRe
    03-11-2009 07:31
    Didn't you get the memo? The snow just proves Global Warming further! Midwest Wisconsin had to close all of their schools 2 or 3 days in a row because it was -18 or -22 degrees, yet my sister, who buys into all that nonsense, got all offended when I asked her how that global warming was working out for her. I've never noticed how much liberals rely on fear to gain "popular opinion". I have noticed they do it by guilt tripping people though. I'm all for less pollution, but you want to stop the big chunk of it, go talk to China...however you might come back a little bit dead after you do this.

    I'm actually really enjoying Crash Investigations. I'm somewhat OCD and a slight perfectionist so I'm hoping I do well on my reports. SFST is the same way for me. I was getting so frustrated because I couldn't get my verbiage down yesterday. I have absolutely no problem talking to people and I establish rapport very easily with most, but when it got to the instructions for the walk and turn I blanked.

    I went through this with Child Maltreatment too. That was tough for me because I have this thing where I want to have the abuser get up close and personal with the business end of my gun. My boyfriend finally asked me something that got me focused on it: "Which would you prefer: reading the stuff and learning it now, or having a case like that thrown out because learning the stuff when you were a recruit made you angry? I know you well enough to know you couldn't live with the second, so get your ass back to studying."

    Rihanna's a nut. I always hate that excuse "but we're so in love!!" You want to say "Really b****? He just beat you over a text message. But you go right a head and think that's love, I'll see your ass in two weeks."
  5. SpitFyRRe
    03-10-2009 08:05
    I think it's TruTV, I may have caught a gilmpse of it on Sunday night.

    It's raining here. We were supposed to get 10-17" of snow and now it's raining. We're starting with Crash Investigations for 4 hours today then we have an 8 hour chunk of SFST again today, I think we're actually learning how to do them today though.

    And Rihanna kinda deserves everything she gets at this point now. Funny how her songs really are really hypocritical now. Oh well! Job security I suppose.
  6. SpitFyRRe
    03-09-2009 20:02
    I know he made the right choice. I actually admire him for not going in and throttling the guy. My aunt's ex-husband is an abusive alcoholic. How people can put up with that I just don't know. I won't try to figure it out since that just makes my head hurt.

    By the way, which channel is American Jail on?
  7. SpitFyRRe
    03-09-2009 17:56
    Oh I got a kick out of that. That's a bad day right there. I love hearing the war stories from my instructors, even the sad ones. I know a guy who after bragging about not getting a DWI in MN finally got his first...and because he's a fricking moron, made it a felony DWI. I'm actually disappointed I didn't get to give it to him. I'm not friends with the guy, but I have a thing with people who drink and drive. My mom was hit by a drunk driver when she was pregnant with me and the jerkoff just left her there. My dad actually ended up seeing the car at a bar and instead of going in and spending the first 2-3 years of my life in jail, he opted to call the cops. I told him I would have forgave him if he missed the first couple years for that but he just laughed.
  8. SpitFyRRe
    03-09-2009 17:24
    The stories are hilarious. I love the drunk ones that end up in an arrest. A state patrol ended up arresting a firefighter on a crash scene for having alcohol in his system at a crash site. He drove to the accident with the Firetruck (which WI doesn't require the driver to hold a CDL, but you have to follow all the CDL requirements, one of which is absolute sobriety while operating).
  9. SpitFyRRe
    03-09-2009 13:06
    Do you know anything about the THC pills? I almost want to imagine they come out of your state :P

    So far it's not too bad, I'm only 5 hours in though, I'm actually enjoying it. We have 2 days of testing then we go to drugs that impair driving.
  10. SpitFyRRe
    03-04-2009 17:04
    That's messed up. All Cali has to do is whine to Obamamatron and they'll get money, that's what everybody's been doing, haha.

    We're starting SFST next week, anything I should be aware of??

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