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  1. use2b6L32
    08-02-2009 23:36

    I'm probably thick, but I missed the significance of the 467 on your TBL avatar.
  2. hank2
    06-21-2009 19:59
    i can feel bad that the guy had to sell the old revolver but i got the feel that morning from him that money was a little tight and it was going to get tighter for him and the wife in the near future..
    i see him and his wife every morning at this greasy spoon that i go into for my morning break from partol and it was that morning when i overhead him and his wife talking about if the check was going to come in from the retirement fund from ca..
    so that when i got up to walk up to pay my bill.i told billie the girl behind the counter to give me there bill and i would take care of it..
    the next morning when i stoped in for my break ..that when he ask if i paid for there coffee and snacks that they have there in the morning ..
    i told i did and he said thank you but you do not have to to that.
    that when i ask me about a local gunstore that took guns for sale from the owners..
    i ask him about the gun that he wanted to sell
    he told me to come over to his car and pop the trunk and he pulled out a old worn plastic box that held the revolver and it access items..
    i dam near shit my pants when i saw the revolver and who made it..
    he was asking for 600.oo dollars i told that all i had was 500.dollars on me for i had just come from the bank and gotten money out to pay bills and get food for the house..
    i told him that if followed to me the bank i would get the other 100.oo dollars out of the account and give to him..
    he said wait a min then went inside and talked real qiuck with his wife and he came back out and said 500.0o dollars was ok..and i give him the money and he give the plastic box with all the access items.
    i turned to ask him about the revolver that when he showed me his lapd badge and card and said if you run the numbers it going to come back to me and he walked off smileing about what i was thinking about..
    i went back into the driner and he told me about being on the lapd for a long time and i had to leave to get back on partol..
  3. hank2
    06-21-2009 19:08
    hey do live near the la police dept range ..
    i trying to find someone that knows about the old ppc shooting course and it revolvers..
    i ran into a old time lapd officer here in tx after he retired out of there in the 2000.year time frame..
    he started right after the he got of vietnam and went though the police dept academy in the 1970s era time frame..
    he give sold me a ppc revolver that been worked over it came complete with speed loaders and holster set up for the pistol..
    it has his badge number on the bottom of the frame..
    i would like to try and trace the history of the guy and the pistol ..
    he really a nice guy and i think he was hard up for money that week when he ask me at the coffee shop
    aoout a gunstore in the area that would take pistol to be sold for him,,
    so i bought the revolver right there from him i paid about 500.oo dollars for it,,
  4. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 22:04
    So if the 27 is the mini of my 22..why wouldn't I want it aside from the weight?
  5. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 21:45
    Fine, fall off the couch and land on the remote! Haha

    Maybe it is the 26 I'm thinking of. Its little and can fit anywhere really. After looking at pictures of both the 26 and the 27, they look like they're the same size, whats the difference?
  6. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 21:04
    I'm not a hippie!! Not even close!! Ya jerk. I hope you knock your bike over for that comment!! No I don't. That's mean to the bike. I hope you sit on a cactus or something. Or fall out of your chair.

    What would you recommend for a backup weapon then?
  7. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 20:47
    I only needed one for Recruit!! it's the 22 .40 I'm looking into the 27 for my backup but I've got to get a job first. Guns cost money I don't have right now!! Maybe I should put the 27 on my birthday list for my dad haha. Ung...I'm really excited to start FTO! Just have to get hired somewhere first! I was 8 when you started your academy...feel old yet?? ;)
  8. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 20:23
    I'm very conscious of where my gun is so I don't think it's a disorder haha. I let my brother (20) use it over a weekend while he and my dad took my other little brother (12) hunting. We have mountain lion and bear by our cabin and neither my 20yo brother or dad could carry a rifle while out there bc they had filled their tags so they each wanted a pistol just in case. That was the most nerve-wrecking weekends I've ever had. I wanted to know the second my bro got into town so I could get my gun. I don't like not having it. I'm definitely aware of where it is while it's on me because I've got a 24-25" waist and I'm used to the weight of the gun. I feel weird when I've got my belt on without my gun in there.

    So I what do I do when my FTO starts doing that? Just take a breath and take it one step at a time or what? I like the FTO tips so keep em coming!! How long have you been a cop?
  9. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 19:57
    One of my friends did that once. He left it locked up at the jail, still had his back up weapon, but he said he almost crapped himself when that happened. I'd seriously be freaking out if I ever forgot my gun anywhere. My normal stance with my belt on is with my right hand resting on the gun and my left on my mag pouch.

    It wasn't a terrible blond moment, I mean it could have been a lot worse. Felt like an idiot though. Oh well, it happens. Haha.
  10. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 16:07
    it's a DOJ 330 form. It's pretty much an application the DoJ has created for LE agencies. I felt like a dork today. I went to drop off my cover letter and resume to an agency and had a blond moment and forgot my 330. So I'm filling that beast out tomorrow and dropping it off then.

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I've been practicing a reverse draw with my tazer and quick draw with my service pistol to handle this type of situation. BG target to immediate left, semi-innocent to the front (The clerk who should know who is next or always jump to me just because I'm me) and a few full innocents. Idea is to double tap the BG who is fighting over line position and to be ready to give 'lightening rides' to anyone who disagrees with me. BTW, I don't pay for the cofee, it gets added to someone else's tab.

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