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Conversation Between Arquebus12 and twoblackbelts
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  1. Arquebus12
    06-16-2009 11:02
    Yeah, okay, whatever, off you go now...
  2. twoblackbelts
    06-16-2009 09:10
    I'm not threatened by anybody. Ever. Ask my boss. You don't threaten me, you make GT look bad by going off topic and going off on me. The samurai said it, but it does not translate as well as when Oscar Wilde did it. It's unfair to match wits with the unarmed.
  3. Arquebus12
    06-16-2009 07:33
    You post 30 times a day, you can expect us to read the same threads... I'm not interested in you enough to "stalk" you, but call it like you will.

    But to that end, if you really feel threatened by me, I'll stop posting anything directly at/to you. Wouldn't want you getting upset...
  4. twoblackbelts
    06-15-2009 23:23
    Actually the problem is you are not picking up on my anything. You're an obsessive stalker who keeps getting my threads closed trying to be clever, yet failing miserably.
  5. Arquebus12
    06-15-2009 21:41
    I'm picking up your sarcasm...
  6. twoblackbelts
    06-15-2009 20:27
    Nice job.

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