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Conversation Between SDforce and Pinki
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  1. Pinki
    09-25-2008 04:54
    I may hold you to that!!! :)
  2. SDforce
    09-24-2008 22:08
    Poor baby... I'll FedEx you a churro :)
  3. Pinki
    09-23-2008 10:29
    I didnt end up getting any churros :(
  4. SDforce
    09-21-2008 23:16
    My Asian sista! **high five** Sounds like you need to get down there girl!! Best churros ever at the Pier Bakery!!!
  5. Pinki
    09-21-2008 22:16
    I havent had a churro in years! I didnt realize that you were Asian. *high five*
  6. SDforce
    09-21-2008 22:10
    fresh crab... lobster... and "washed" it down with a Pepsi and churro afterwards... my buddies substituted the soda with beers... my Asian genes won't allow me to consume alcoholic beverages without turning red :)
  7. Pinki
    09-21-2008 22:06
    Glad to hear that the pre lobsterfest thing was good!
  8. SDforce
    09-21-2008 22:04
    Yes I did... and it was amazing!!! Quality Seafood in Redondo Beach... $15 for 1.25 lb live Maine lobster, corn on the cob and butter... mmm!! Took the wife and met a few buddies from work... The actual Lobsterfest celebration is next weekend at that kid lagoon swimpark.
  9. Pinki
    09-21-2008 21:59
    Hi SDForce! Did you go to the lobsterthing today?
  10. SDforce
    09-21-2008 21:58
    I got a new friend... la-la-la-la-la!!! Woohoo!!!

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