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Conversation Between njl and jantydog
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  1. jantydog
    07-28-2011 04:20
    Hi njl, It's been a while. I never did get around to reloading (actually took the loader back). Well, I have a renewed interest in it and will be going down the reloading path real soon. I will stick to the original plan (recipe). Do you still load approximately the combo below?

    Universal Clays 4.6
    CCI primer
    Precision Delta 124

    Thanks and take care.
  2. njl
    07-09-2010 07:31
    Did you ever try Universal Clays with the PD 124gr bullets? What charge weights did you try and did you like any of them?
  3. njl
    01-14-2010 23:53
    That's hotter than I load. I load 4.3-4.4gr Universal Clays with either PD 124gr FMJ or MG 124gr CMJ, and it does around 1050fps from my G17. I did load some hotter ones in my first test batches.
    These were all with PD 124gr FMJ to an OAL of about 1.156"
    4.8gr 1131fps
    4.66gr 1100fps
    4.57gr 1084fps

    The latter two grain weights were the avg of 10 powder charges.

    124gr at 1050fps is 130PF...I haven't seen any reason to load hotter than that. It's a little weaker PF than 115gr Blazer (136PF), which is what I used to shoot most, but it's noticeably less recoil.

    I've also shot this load (the 4.3-4.4) in my 26, 19, and 34...but mostly through the 17. I haven't had any functioning issues in any of them.
  4. jantydog
    01-06-2010 20:03
    Hi njl, i am going to try the load you mentioned a while back.
    Universal Clays 4.6-4.8
    CCI primer
    Precision Delta 124

    Would you still recommend that? It will be my first loads other than 10s of thousands of shotshells. I just purchased a Dillon 550. I have a bunch of Universal Clay powder and hear it is good. Thanks.

    Columbus, Oh

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