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Conversation Between ChuteTheMall and CheesyD
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  1. CheesyD
    12-28-2008 08:28
    Hey CTM...

    I have found a great church that my wife and I go to every Sunday. Lots of great people there.

    I don't have any kids and my wife didn't go to church while we were in New Mexico so I'm not sure if I'm the person you are thinking of or not.

    Thanks for the welcome to the family!
  2. ChuteTheMall
    12-27-2008 20:12
    Thanks for the blog invite!

    You used to be my favorite atheist; I recall you mentioning (I'm pretty sure it was you, back in NM) long ago that although you were not a believer, you weren't too bothered by us, and that your wife and kid attended church. That was an invite for prayer, and I'm sure many prayed for you.

    Welcome to the family!

    I got saved as a teenager, but when I went off to college, I felt that my ticket was punched and I was done with religion. Three decades later, God reached out (thru a radio ministry) and suddenly dragged me into a service on Easter Sunday, 2001. I've been attending ever since. This time He helped me read the Bible like it really mattered, and now my relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life.

    I hope you find a solid, Bible-believing church which doesn't compromise on the important issues, and which helps you continue to grow!

  3. CheesyD
    12-24-2008 21:18
    Merry Christmas, CTM!

    I just wrote my first blog entry. Feel free to check it out if you'd like.

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