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Conversation Between Pinki and garebel
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  1. Pinki
    03-20-2009 04:42
    Thanks Garabel! :hugs: There is a 6 month wait on the parts :sad:
  2. garebel
    03-14-2009 18:52
    Hey Pinki.....
    I missed your birthday....what a putz!
    Hope it was great ;)

    did you get those AR parts you ordered yet? ;)
  3. garebel
    03-08-2009 19:41
    May be a good thing you did....
    Seems like guns, parts, and AMMO are gettin to be like gold these days.
  4. Pinki
    03-08-2009 18:31
    I went ahead and ordered the bolt carrier group and charging handle and handguards yesterday but I also accidentally ordered a full upper assembly when I just needed the barrel. But, it's ok...I'll sell the upper or keep it when I get it.
  5. garebel
    03-06-2009 20:29
    Awww its not a big deal...just a temporary bump in the road. Things happen.....
    What AR part are you waitin' on?
    Mine is a hybrid...DPMS/Rock River with the assorted goodies ;)
  6. Pinki
    03-06-2009 16:53
    I'm sorry about your expenses Garebel! I get spells like that too. In fact, that's why I haven't bought my next AR part, but I will try to do that soon. I hope your expenses let up!
  7. garebel
    03-05-2009 20:17
    Yep, I got the PM.
    I've had a whole slew of expenses (blown engine in a vehicle and some medical expenses) so I've had to hold off on a paid membership at GT for a little while....BUT I will definitely be joining your posse when I hook up!
    Take care Pinki :)
  8. Pinki
    03-05-2009 06:40
    Hi :wavey: Sorry I hadn't responded to the visitor message sooner. I hope you got my PM.
  9. garebel
    02-07-2009 21:34
    Hi Pinki!
    Glad to call you a friend..thanks for adding me!
    Got room for another on the posse?
    (I'll promise not to do anything too embarrassing...at least I'll try LOL)

    cool pics btw

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