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Conversation Between English and Tx1911
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  1. English
    01-22-2010 18:36
    I am sorry for the long delayed reply. The system did not notify me of your PM and I did not think to look.

    I am not a 1911 expert but you probably need one of three things: cleaning the chamber, lubrication of the slide/barrel or a new recoil spring. You should not need a stronger spring but in general it will do no harm unless you start to get failures to eject or feed. Personally, I like stronger recoil springs but you have to grip more rigidly. A lighter spring will make the problem worse.

    It is quite likely that deposits on the bore immediately in front of the chamber are slowing the entry of the bullet but it is also likely that the spring has gone too soft. All you can do is experiment. Try a lead and/ or copper solvent in the bore first. Then try a new or stronger spring.

    For your G32. start with a stronger recoil spring. This will reduce felt recoil. If the recoil is actually hurting or bruising your hand you might have a different problem which needs a different solution. One of the main virtues of the Glock is that it is lighter than the others. This makes it nicer to carry and it is a bit sad if you make it heavier with a heavy guide rod. It will change the ballance of the pistol and you might find that better of worse. Although it will change the ammount the muzzle flips it will not make much difference to your control of the flip because it will have the same momentum with a greater weight at a lower speed. If you feel you must change the guide rod, try a stainless steel one rather than tungsten.


  2. Tx1911
    01-06-2010 14:57
    Mr. English,

    Can you help me sir. I have a 1911 SA TRP. When I try to shoot Federal HST 230 gr +P HPs through it sometimes the slide will not go all the way back into battery. Do I go with a heavy spring ( factory on 1911 16# ) or a lighter spring ? And second I have a Glock 32 ( that I carried concealed ) I would like to reduce recoil and muzzle flip ... I want to buy a tungsten guide rod and a wolf spring ... do I go heavier or lighter on the spring ? Thanks and thanks for all the great posts that you do !


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