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Conversation Between bdcochran and AK_Stick
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  1. bdcochran
    11-10-2011 20:48
    I trained at the Boeing facility about 4 years ago. I trained also at the Surefire Institute with its $300 flashlights. I remember shooting the Aussie instructor and shaking his world in the last room at Surefire. The instructors knew the darkened structure extremely well and could walk through it without opening their eyes. We were taught working the angles with simunitions. I shook the guy up by lying prone on the floor away from the entrance, but directly in line. If he had tossed in a lit led light, he would never have been shot. Instead he was using a handheld $300 light! Moral-listen, think.

    When I did Boeing, the ceilings were double high. I called it Stalingrad because we fought dirty, room to room, behind furniture, up on gantries and so forth. I was called down for "cheating" because I tossed leds into rooms under partitions - and the instructor observed and said it was not cheating and everyone should do it.
  2. AK_Stick
    11-07-2011 20:54
    How long ago was that?

    Lights, and fighting with them has come a LOOOOONG way in the last few years. Alot of the methods and thoughts of older training have been changed, or flat out disproven with the modern lights.

    It was one thing when tac lights were new and not nearly as bright as today. But with the modern lights like the X300,400 TLR series. They far outstripe any of the older stuff.
  3. bdcochran
    11-07-2011 20:41
    private email. I just relate my experience. I was trained. I did the takedowns in the Boeing Aircraft Plant in Long Beach, CA. We were encouraged to try what worked and what didn't work and discuss. I just pass along information and people can reject it, investigate, do nothing. Doesn't matter to me. If something works for you, stick with it.

    Always think. I was also trained in dynamic entries. I thought the concept was generally not one that I would want to do for real. A classmate and the following law officer were killed doing a dynamic entry as trained.

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