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Conversation Between bdcochran and lawman800
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  1. bdcochran
    10-05-2012 16:57
    Supposedly, a knife class. I sent an email and it was not read. I called yesterday and the person answering the phone was going to have someone read the email. This only makes 3 emails to different people in the last two weeks that went unanswered. I guess that not reading and responding to emails is coming into fashion. I will go to the class. Without looking it is about 3 hours on Saturday, October 20th.
  2. lawman800
    10-01-2012 19:44
    What kind of class are they running there this month? Edged weapon defense/tactics?
  3. bdcochran
    10-01-2012 08:37
    Inosanto School. Marina del Rey. Class this month.
  4. lawman800
    09-17-2010 19:07
    True that. I am not that advanced in my rifle craft. I was happy to be able to hit the 9x and 10x consistently on a B-27 from the 50 yard prone in outdoor slight breeze conditions on a shared Mini-14.
  5. bdcochran
    09-14-2010 08:49
    I thought that I was quoting you and privately indicating how you could overcome limitations. Consider the following. A naval ship can shoot over the horizon. It doesn't have to see a target. The gunner knows the distance and the ballistics of the round. If there is no wind or rain, the rounds will land fairly close to each other. Or, a old DCM shooter who cannot the see target circle at 600 yards will know his elevation ballistics, know the target is in the center of the frame and adjust for the wind. You can do it. You can shoot consistently through the distance of the round until it comes back through the speed of sound and becomes unstable in its ballistics.
  6. lawman800
    09-10-2010 08:41
    Did you mean to send this to me?
  7. bdcochran
    09-09-2010 16:33
    private. "beyond my capability to shoot consistently at that distance for sure. " You can. 1. get a decent range finder. 2. get Sierra ballistics software and print out the impact points (assume a 300 yard zero) for 100 - 900 yards in 100 yard increments. Then you have the distance and the hold over or hold under. Get a variable scope like a Leupold 2x7 (most versatile). Low power is for dark. High power is for daytime. Old DCM competitors cannot see the target at 600 yards. They center the shot with reference to the target holder and hold over based upon the ballistic table. You don't have to see a target to range fire - just like naval cannon. All you need is ballistic tables and know the range.

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