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Conversation Between spdski and SpitFyRRe
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  1. spdski
    04-16-2009 06:42
    Maybe... :whistling:
  2. spdski
    03-01-2009 21:35
    Safety pamphlets? You set-up is SO much different than mine.
  3. spdski
    03-01-2009 13:53
    Mom lives in the Milwaukee area (Shorewood).

    As for me, I got my B.A. in Political Science at the Univ. of Washington and went straight from there to LE and worked for a little while. Then under suggestion from the parents I took the LSATs. I did really well and decided that seize the chance. So, I moved accross the country to go to school at Georgetown. Now that my student loan debt is mounting, all I can think about is how much I want to go back to LE. Go figure.

    I am more than halfway done and I might as well finish law school. We'll see what happens next year.
  4. spdski
    03-01-2009 13:08
    Fair enough. Do you know where you want to work when you are done? I assume it means you stay in WI... Sorry! (Just kidding... kinda... My mom lives in WI, not my fave place, but oh well)

    Anyway... How long do you have to go for? What did you do before this?
  5. spdski
    02-28-2009 20:29
    Good thinking. Do you guys go to the academy before you get hired? I always thought that would be tough.

    In WA, you get hired first and the agency puts you through....
  6. spdski
    02-28-2009 19:49
    Glad to hear it. The weekend is made for resting on your rear, you've got to be in good condition to use it properly.

    Do anything fun today?
  7. spdski
    02-28-2009 16:57
    You all healed up yet?
  8. spdski
    02-26-2009 22:43
    hrmmm.... something about a tiny violin....?
  9. spdski
    02-26-2009 22:05
    I'll do my best to bite my tongue on the snide comments I have brewing.

    Aren't you supposed to be used to snow in Wisconsin? Geez!
  10. spdski
    02-26-2009 20:51
    Suuuuurrrrrreeeee.... Pavement... yeah... I believe you.

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