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Conversation Between theTactician and vega
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  1. theTactician
    04-03-2015 01:36
    Hello sir! How are you doing? Just dropping by to say hello
  2. theTactician
    03-31-2013 17:40
    hey, whats up buddy? how are you doing?
  3. theTactician
    01-13-2010 16:42
    i guess, we got off on the wrong foot sir, again, i would like to express my apology for the things i have said in the forum. let us put all that behind us now. thanks again for offering your eotech 516, may i inquire as to how much you would be willing to sell it? right now i have the eotech 512, tru glo red dots and if i can still afford to get another eotech, i will surely keep you posted. thanks again.
  4. vega
    01-13-2010 13:33
    Well here you are pretending to be sorry but still mocked me. If you were restricted from GT then you brought it down to yourself as you had broke the rules like you want to break the rules of CA DOJ. Please stop sending me messages regarding this issue as I had moved on and I suggest you do the same. If you cannot move on then at least be matured about your fiascos. Now on another note, I have an Eotech 516 BRAND NEW IN BOX to sell if you are interested, I read from another post you are looking for one.
  5. theTactician
    01-12-2010 23:44
    well, you shouldnt have pointed it out in the first place for everyone to see just to humiliate me. It was a mistake asking you before if we can do without the DROS, it was meant to be a joke which you took seriously i suppose. That wasnt the reason why i didnt buy your remington 700, which is a very good gun by the way. i got interested in buying an HK usp expert instead, which also has gone through a 10-day waiting period and with DROS. I abide by the rules but sometimes i tend to make these jokes even with some of my friends about trading-in my firearms with them under the table. But it was meant to be a joke. A joke. J.O.K.E, or jest to lighten things up. I know it wont happen coz it is illegal. of course, i aint that stupid as you might think. Im a medical doctor by the way. The thing with czechpoint usa on the otherhand is, i missed seeing the note below the item that the mag catch cant be shipped to california but since i already paid for it in full including 3 magazines, i thought, just maybe they would send the whole thing to me. It is a good thing though that i did my job to call them 'To cancel the order", which they did, and not be a pest and persuade them to send it to me. I dont do that. I follow the rules. If it cant be, it just cant be. But even so, you had to bring our issues back in a public forum for everyone to see. Now people, would think that i go with the red tape, im the guy who breaks the rules which , if you only know me personally, i am not. I apologize if i started another thread just to air out my concerns. I just didnt want other posters to make some criticisms that could ruin the character of other posters. And now, im being restricted from using this site for doing some so-called "rude behaviors". Well, it aint totally a free country right? what can i say, im just a guest poster, and i dont have the right to air out my concerns specially if it involves one of the gods of glocktalk. Sorry if i ever offended you lord. But anyway, hope everything's cool between us. Sorry again and have a nice day too.
  6. vega
    01-12-2010 14:37
    First off, I am not pissed off and I'm glad you were not the one who bought my rifle. We both know you were serious on your offer and someone bought if for higher price and who did not low ball me. Check your post again, you want to convert a FIXED MAG to Mag catch which is non-CA compliant. That's where it started, you posted something which you know is illegal and you have the ball to say that you follow the law. The DROS thing is just a follow up to show how you want to do things illegal. Fact is fact, you admitted you offered to buy my rifle without going thru DROS. Thank you for that. You also admitted you want to change your rifle to be illegal. I really do not care about your other FAs. Sure nobody is perfect and I am not and I do some stupid things in my life and people call me on it but I move on after that. If you cannot move on because someone call on your mistakes then maybe at least grow up. Enjoy your rifle, enjoy your life and have a nice day.
  7. theTactician
    01-11-2010 23:52
    sir, you dont have to be so hard on me on that thread that i posted. I guess, even now you're still pissed at me for not buying your gun when i decided to buy a different one instead? you were right, i was wrong in teasing you if its alright if we dont have to go through the DROS, but I guess you took it too seriously. FYI, all my guns have gone through DROS and my sig 522 is California compliant. FYI i bought it at turners outdoorsman. So, dont accuse me of being someone who always does things illegally. Nobody's perfect. But I guess you think you are.. Are you God? Are you perfect? If you are then shoot me in the head.

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