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Conversation Between wonderwolf and bdcochran
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  1. wonderwolf
    12-10-2010 14:52
    No I understand, I was playing devils advocate kinda. I've shot a lot of night matches with just irons and a rail mounted light. And a lot more long range matches in failing light. I understand the virtues of a scope but saying one is required?? Generally I see people buying 6-28X power scopes and are surprised when something is so close as 200 yards and they have trouble tracking the target or can't find it. I guess from what I took from your comment was that you had to scope and dope all the rifles. I've known my share of "old guys" who have trouble seeing the front sight at camp perry. They usually flank me on the line and tell me how lucky I am to be young and not need glasses.
  2. bdcochran
    12-10-2010 09:48
    You asked who said that rifles had to be scoped. You don't have to scope anything. If you have shot at 2 am with just starlight, shot in the 15 minute period of sun up and sun down when I personally cannot use iron sights, then you will understand my comment on scopes. Do you know how old duffers shoot the 600 yard target in a dcm match when they cannot see the target even while wearing glasses? They center the frame and pray. I would rather shoot any distance using a scope because a scope gathers more light than my eyes and has the potential for magnifying and making clear items that I cannot see. I am sure that if you ressurrected a German or Russian soldier from WWII and asked him or her whether he would rather have had a scoped rifle or an unscoped rifle, I am sure that he would explain why he wanted a scoped rifle.

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