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Conversation Between ecmills and jhayesvw
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  1. jhayesvw
    09-08-2009 21:40
    i shoot almost only outdoors.
    i will look into what youre saying. and i already say the precision delta bullets. great price for FMJ.
    i may pick your brains a bit more.
    oh and i have a lone wolf barrel on the way to tighten my chamber for reloads and allow lead. i would like to shoot lead because its cheaper and my buddies want to shoot it too.
  2. ecmills
    09-07-2009 11:12
    Yes, that's what I shoot.

    I use both Solo1000 and Titegroup. Once I run out of TG, I'll probably switch to Solo exclusively.

    HP-38 will work, but a faster powder will result in a softer recoil (sounds backwards, but it's true). See the burn rate chart below. Popular 9mm cometition powders are N320, Ttitegroup, Solo100, etc. They're all near the top of the burn-rate chart.

    Heavier bullets will feel softer: Just like a .45 producing a shove, and a .40 producting a sharp, snappy recoil... A heavy bullet going slower 'feels' softer, even if it has the same energy at the target.

    I shoot 147gr bullets exclusively.

    To save money, my recommendation would be a 124grain bullet from Precision Delta or Montana Gold. Order a case (3,000 or so) and get your powder in 8-lb jugs, and you'll save a lot in the long run.

    I would use up your HP-38, and then consider switching powders. Do you shoot mostly indoors, or almost exclusively outdoors? For outdoors, I use a www.blackbulletsinternational.com Moly-coated bullet with Solo1000. Titegroup will not work with lead or moly because it smokes like a musket.
  3. jhayesvw
    09-06-2009 21:28
    do you shoot a 9mm G34? i am interested in reloads that wont break the bank and can be shot safely from my gen 2 G19 for steel challenge and later IDPA.
    can you point me in the direction of a recipe and bullets? i have HP-38 powder and lots of brass (once fired) already. i will probably go with CCI primers if i can find the darn things.

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