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Conversation Between Mrs. VR and glock22357
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  1. glock22357
    09-16-2009 09:49
    Please accept my apologies, as I'm an idiot sometimes.....

    My foot doc said that the LIGAMENTS (not tendons) only tear. He said that the plantar fascia tendons are really more like ligamnets and have very little give, so they tend to tear. I have fibromas (balls of scar tissue) on both of my feet where I have repeated torn these tissues, and my body has repeatedly repaired them.
    This is why (at least for me) stretching is a no-no...maybe it's fine for you.

    So you did have the plantar fascia "relieved" by snipping? How long was the recovery and how much did it help?

    Hope your feet are feeling better.
  2. glock22357
    09-15-2009 09:41
    What type of surgery did you have? I have heard of removing bone spurrs on heels, and of "relieving" some of the tendon pressure at the hell by cutting some of them.

    By the way, my Podiatrist says that stretching your plantar fascia tendons is really bad. Tendons don't stretch, they only tear.

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