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Conversation Between utah and BradD
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  1. BradD
    02-12-2012 21:48
    Hey, I saw your post in RI. I don't participate there, but wanted to respond in the interest of being helpful.

    What denominations are similar to presbyterians and catholics?!

    If you want to know what denomination is similar to presbyterian, then I can take a shot at that. When it comes to protestant denominations, IMO, the biggest variable is the presumed balance between divine sovereignty and free will. Presby, primitive baptists, and some other baptists lean heavily toward the calvinist side. Most baptist churches I've been to are somewhere in between--they'll believe in two or three letters in the TULIP, but not all of them. Pentecostal, church of god, church of christ, apostolic, and a few others lean more heavily toward the arminian side.

    IMO, you'll need to figure out what you think is true in that department before you'll be able to decide.

    You're welcome to send questions if you're interested in talking about this stuff. Later. DBD

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