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Conversation Between HandyMan Hugh and partsman
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  1. partsman
    05-16-2009 21:45
    ok thanks for the info, i guess this was a sore subject with gt they deleted everything.
    i vend motorcycle shows and working on doing it for guns and sometimes i carry large sums of money and i have been trying to look into getting ny,nj conn.vermont west va,va well basicly from sc up to vermont.
  2. HandyMan Hugh
    05-16-2009 13:17
    HandyMan Hugh
    Hi, Partsman. HandyMan Hugh here. You're interested in having a multi-state CCW. I suggest that you look at the Handgun law US website. No one needs Front Sight to get multi-state ccw.

    I have it with three licenses. I have Pennsylania, Florida, and Washington. With those three I can carry in 32-33 states. The only reasons I got the Washington license is that I have family there, and visit them, and Washington State doesn't honor either Florida or Pennsylvania. A Florida CCW takes time to get, they have a huge backlog of applications in house, and now the legislature wants to raid the fund that pays for the processing of licenses. Florida WILL mail you the application package, and you don't have to go there to have it processed. Just follow their instructions carefully. Utah is another License with very broad acceptance. You have to take the training course with a Utah certified instructor. There are Utah certified instructors in Pennsylvania, I just don't know where they are located. There are books available that tell you the laws and restricted places for each state. If you carry interstate on any license, get yourself one of the books. Pennsylvania is pretty unrestricted about where you can carry, most other states are not.

    Good Luck, Hugh

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