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Conversation Between dereklord and Green_Manelishi
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  1. Green_Manelishi
    04-13-2010 11:04
    Occasionally I wander into the fray, cast a few pearls, watch the swine trample them, and listen to the dogs growl. Then I feel dirty so I have to leave for a time. Be well.
  2. dereklord
    04-13-2010 09:21
    I see you checking out the evolution Thread. It is pretty funny. Scientist 1000 years ago were saying look how dumb they were 1000 years ago. Scientists 500 years ago are saying, look how dumb they were 500 years ago. And so on...The bible itself with its some 12000 manuscripts has remained the only constant yet people refuse to believe in it due to thier need for "proof". In any case, I liked you past post on there. Dont know what you believe but it was pretty funny... "willful ignorance". HAHAHA.
    P.S. I didnt put this post in the thread for fear of just furthering an endless argument...Animal Mother seems quite content wheere he is at in his beliefs as well as everyone else there.

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