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Conversation Between bcmclane and Forgoten214
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  1. Forgoten214
    03-14-2009 09:46
    Haha yes of course.
  2. bcmclane
    03-14-2009 09:42
    I figured they all heard I was coming and got scared. :) At least, that is what I'll tell myself for now....
  3. Forgoten214
    03-14-2009 09:30
    Ouch, now that stinks. Why not have the competition in the rain? Its not like it matters. I guess these competitors don't want to get there guns dirty :-D
  4. bcmclane
    03-14-2009 08:57
    They freakin canceled it due to weather! Now I've got to wait another month and it's just a little overcast outside.
  5. Forgoten214
    03-13-2009 16:44
    Awesome, I am a fan of AAC cans myself. I don't own any cans or anything NFA yet unfortunately. Ahh your first match? How things go for you?
  6. bcmclane
    03-13-2009 14:28
    It's Friday, so I'm great. I was supposed to shoot in my first IDPA match tomorrow and just found out it was canceled due to the weather, so that is a little dissapointing. Thanks, the 220 shoots sweeeeet. I picked up a YHM Cobra .45 suppressor for it not long ago too.
  7. Forgoten214
    03-13-2009 08:10
    Good, How are you? Nice Sig in your profile.
  8. bcmclane
    03-13-2009 06:56
    Hey Forgoten, how are you?

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