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Gun safety this holiday season

Posted 11-26-2010 at 20:54 by Six Feet Under

I'd like to take a minute and remind everyone to be safe this holiday season. I'm four days away from marking the one year anniversary of being shot by a friend who had a negligent discharge and it has definitely been a life-changing event. From learning what it's like to actually be shot and how I reacted to it immediately and further on down the road to seeing what our healthcare system is REALLY like without insurance (both in cost and how inefficient it is), the experience has been an eye opener.
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American Dining Traditions and Thermodynamics

Posted 11-26-2010 at 20:54 by Arquebus12

My first attempt at frying a turkey was a rousing success this year. Not only did it come out great, from start to finish took less than an hour, down from at least 4 hours of baking time in a conventional oven.

I was concerned about introducing a dozen pounds of water based avian flesh into 4 gallons of 320 boiling oil, feeling downright leery of the violent reaction that was to result. And there was one, replete with boiling, bubbling, splashing and hissing; but as I had taken...
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Pie Fare

Posted 11-26-2010 at 14:56 by spero525

My contribution to the Thanksgiving festivities this year:

2 pecan pies
2 pumpkin pies

Yes, it's all from scratch. Both were highly popular, but I still got leftovers. Made for a most excellent breakfast this morning!

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HE did it.
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On History.

Posted 11-26-2010 at 12:35 by Critias

I often get a funny look when I tell someone I'm studying history. The looks get funnier when I tell them I'm going to grad school for history.

My mom -- God bless her -- is particularly baffled by all this. She tries to look happy and interested, but deep down inside I can tell she's tilting her head a little to one side, like a puppy, and trying to figure out why I'm wasting my time. She's proud of my good grades, proud of me getting published, presenting research, and all...
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Glock Talk, Politalk...

Posted 11-26-2010 at 07:54 by JitzCaliber

I feel like a Phoenix rising from the powdered residue of my Tenifered G-19 slide...

A whittle about me...
I politics blogged for several years at and got kicked off for "Liberals and their (slang for nocturnal emissions) of healthcare reform..."
I enjoyed blogging, especially linking 2nd Amendment stories to blogs.

Love to bludgeon leftards' cerebellums with my common-sense crowbar.

I work in healthcare and enjoy firearms...
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