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Pvt. Manning - He's Our Man

Posted 12-19-2010 at 17:44 by methodius

I was watching the news this evening on one of the networks. This is something I rarely do. I read most of my news rather than watch it and I will admit I get my news from a few select sites on the internet. The story tonight that struck me this evening was a brief bit about Army Pvt. Manning - the young man who released the documents on Afghanistan to Wikileaks.

In the story the news commentator suggested that Pvt. Manning’s motivation for releasing the information he did was...
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Why am I here? continued

Posted 12-18-2010 at 04:40 by Skykevver

In the early summer I met a guy at church who had just returned from two years of missionary service in France. He was 21 or 22. The bishop asked him to work with the young men in our ward in the lay priesthood organization. For some reason he took an interest in me, taking me on a couple of outings, just the two of us. I guess he could tell I was struggling with trying to figure out who I was or wanted to be. One trip we drove in his Corvaire to Sausolito on the other side of the...
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the second amendment

Posted 12-16-2010 at 18:21 by bigghoss

I got into a debate over the second amendment the other day (again). I'm not going to break it down and go into detail because if you're reading this you probably know. but for those of you who are interested I'll lay down some points and if you want you can do a little research which would be better than just regurgitating something some fat guy wrote in his blog.

-the first sentence of the second amendment is called a PREAMBLE.

-The reserve militia or unorganized...
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Well, I thought it was funny

Posted 12-16-2010 at 13:51 by Bill Powell (Bill's stories)
Updated 12-17-2010 at 05:47 by Bill Powell

More accurately, I, we, or he thought it was funny.

The first one is a case of "he thought it was funny", and it was done by my co-worker and fairly good buddy named Ron Hope. Before I met him he worked for North American Rockwell.

The Boeing 747 wing spars were being built in the mid-west and were being shipped by rail to the Boing plant. Someone suggested they might fit in a 747 cargo plane, and Ron was assigned the task of doing a study of the subject....
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A question for the blogosphere?

Posted 12-14-2010 at 21:08 by methodius
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A little over a week ago I was loafing in the hospital (a place with which I have become way too familiar over the last five years) when I saw the ad recruiting bloggers for It intrigued me to say the least. I clicked on the link and read the traffic requirements and what they were looking for. My mind began to race as I thought of all the different articles and subjects I could write about. A huge part of my career up until my illness had been writing and speaking. Perhaps this...
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