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    ArtificialGrape's Evolution Primer

    For any of the Creationists, how would a "theory" of Creation explain these?
    • The fossil record clearly shows the development of simpler organisms prior to more complex organisms. If all species were created at the same time why would that be?
    • Why would the recurrent laryngeal nerve that only needs to travel from the brain to the larynx travel down to the heart, wrap around it, and return to the larynx? Here's a giraffe dissection demonstrating the 15ish foot path when about 15 inches would have done it.
    • 5 weeks after fertilization you had a tail and pharyngeal pouches (predecessors of gills). Why would that be the case if you did not have ancestors with a tail and fish-like gills?
    • Within the eukaryotic cell, mitochondria and chloroplasts have their own DNA. Why would God Design these organelles with their own DNA separate from the rest of the cell?
    • The Ichneumonidae family of wasps (3000+ species) reproduce by the female stinging her prey, laying her eggs inside the paralyzed prey, then after they hatch the larvae slowly eat their way out of the prey by eating the least essential parts first, then only at the end eating the essential parts and killing the host. Why would a benevolent God Design this into his Creation?
    • Atavisms, vestigial traits, and embryology -- too tired to elaborate tonight.
    • Southern continents (Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand) each have at least one species of flightless birds (ostrich, rhea, emu, etc.). How does that distribution make sense given a Great Flood?
    • More on biogeography, but first 2 terms for background:
      • Continentals islands were once part of mainland continents, but separated through continental drift (e.g. Japan and the British Isles)
      • Oceanic islands arose from the ocean floor (without any life) (e.g. the Hawaiian Islands and the Gallapagos)
      The following are well documented:
      • Oceanic islands lack native mammals, amphibians and freshwater fish.
      • Continental islands contain native mammals, amphibians and freshwater fish.
      • Populations, such as birds, that are found on oceanic archipelagos islands today have many related species (e.g. the variety of finches on the Gallapagos).
      • Species, plant and animal, found on oceanic islands are most similar to those on the nearest mainland.
      • Very similar animals in similar habitats between Australia and the Americas have significant biological differences (marsupial and placental versions of moles, anteaters, flying squirrels).
      • Marsupial species are common in Australia and surrounding islands, but fairly rare outside of Australia.
      How does Creation explain these observations?
    Posted 03-20-2012 at 16:32 by ArtificialGrape ArtificialGrape is offline

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