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    Bill Powell's Avatar

    Swamp Thing

    I didn't know you could comment on these blogs. sorry I didn't answer
    Posted 06-26-2013 at 15:55 by Bill Powell Bill Powell is offline
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    Cavalry Doc's Avatar

    responsibility and restraint

    In that situation,[B] go for the out.

    [I]"Sir, I'm sorry, I'm old and having chest pain, and my wife really needed to use the ladies room immediately, my sincere apologies for my hasty mistake. Please forgive an old man...."[/I]

    Then move away if possible.

    I always remember, while Texas laws allow me to use deadly force in multiple scenarios, even those which I would not personally choose to do so.......

    The fact is that all homicides in Texas go to the grand jury. That's going to be more expensive than the deductible on any of my insurance policies.

    I've seen more of my fair share of people shot, and have no curiosity about what it looks like.

    I'll not shoot unless absolutely necessary, and only if pressed.
    Posted 04-04-2011 at 19:53 by Cavalry Doc Cavalry Doc is offline
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    Dr.Og's Avatar

    My daughter the right winger

    nicely done. i hope there are many many parents out there like yourself.
    Posted 03-07-2011 at 21:50 by Dr.Og Dr.Og is offline
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    Yunque's Avatar

    Cheat River Hill truck crash

    You are a very lucky man. Glad your here to tell the story...
    Posted 01-03-2011 at 13:06 by Yunque Yunque is offline
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    Cops I've known

    let me start with Bill, i really enjoy your writings. that been said i'm writing cause you're a home boy and all.
    we sent my daughter to a very well-know/repsected church's pre-k program called bridge class(for children who never went to day care).
    my daughter had no defense system as she'd never needed one. she has very long wavy hair and this little boy was infatuated with it; then he couldn't keep his hands out of it.
    my daughter came home crying every day from this so i went up to the headmistress and spoke to her about it. she proceeded to tell me about how little johnnie is a precious child of God...so i told her that if that precious child touches my precious child again they will be renaming this place after my attorney.
    miraculously, little johnnie became infatuated with another little girl! i wonder what little johnnie will grow up to become with this wonderful group of enablers/street cleaners he has?
    Posted 12-12-2010 at 07:48 by xdmikey xdmikey is offline
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    Swamp Thing

    "our playground was the swamp that was full ...".
    this really got my attention as i really enjoyed the a&e show "swamp people" and it reminded me of the opening act for a concert i saw when i was about 14/15. the guy said he was from louisiana, back in the swamp. he asked if we(the crowd, mostly collegiate)remembered when we were little and were afraid to leave our arms or legs hanging off the bed at night cause the monsters under the bed would bite it off? that got a big laugh.
    he said where he was from, when the bayous would rise all kinds of creepy things would be using that arm or leg as a bridge to get in bed with you that night!
    i had an extra good time at the concert that night.
    Posted 12-12-2010 at 07:33 by xdmikey xdmikey is offline

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