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glock vs 1911's

Posted 04-09-2011 at 05:51 by nrayjr

[COLOR=purple]I have been a Huge 1911 fan all of my Life! I shot my 1st one @ age 6, a pre 70 Series Commader & I knew right than that I would Buy my 1st one as soon as I was of Legal Age. I currently own several. Including various calibers from .22lr caliber, 38super,45acp, & 10mm. I also do own or have owned nearly every model, make, & MFG. But my favorite has always been the Commander. My new love is a litlle officer's size STI Shadow in .45acp. It's always my 1st choice 4 concealed carry...[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#800080]That being said... I have to admit that I was a slow convert to the Dark Side of Handguns made of Plastic! When they 1st became available, I said they look like a plastic toy gun or a POS & I damn sure would never buy 1[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#800080]But about a year after they were introduced, 1 of my buddies bought a Model 17. I soon found out I could pretty much hit Everything I aimed at & it actually pointed the same as my 1911's. Still, I could not bring my self to admit that they were more than just a passing fad.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#800080]But by the time the Model 19 was introduced, I bought one and was a closet Glock owner for quite some time. As the years flew by & more models came out, I started buying in mass. The Ugly Plastic POS that I predicted would only last a year was now one of the top sellers in the Firearms Industry & probably is the Top Seller except for the 1911 or 45 Colt SAA. Both of which have, of coarse, been in Production 4 over 100 years. So after becoming a Glock Armorer & a Texas State Certified CHL Instuctor over 15 years ago. I have to admit they are probably the Best & Most Dependable Handgun for Concealed Carry Ever Made!!! There, I've Finally Said It!!! I Feel Much Better Now! So year after year of seeing my customers in the Firearms Industry & my CHL students abuse & miss use them, I firmly believe they are the most Dependable Pistol Ever Made. U can abuse them any way U want & they still keep shooting. I've personally seen models that have never been oiled & cleaned that still Function Perfectly. I've seen cops wash them in the Dishwasher & not oil them & they still work. And I did all the tests in Glock School... dipped in mud, dropped, frozen, & Ran Over by a 2 ton truck. And they still Function! No Matter What! So Whats my Point??? Even tho I still LOVE My 1911's & They will ALWAYS be my 1st Love....[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#800080]If I could only (Heaven Forbid) own one handgun for Self defense, Personal Protection, or even for Hunting or Survival. it Woild Be A Glock! I would probably choose 1 of my .357sig Models or my 10mm Glock 20. Why ? Because the .357sig round is more powerfull than a 357 magnum & holds a lot more rounds. And the 10mm because it is pretty much equal to the .41 Magnum & again, holds many more rounds. I would probably choose the 10mm because they both hold the same amount of rounds & the sheer Stopping Power & Penetration will work for Hunting, Bear protection, shooting thru barriers, & the Sheer Knock Down Power of the 10mm. I would not choose the sissy 9mm or .40cal if I could own only one. They are great & I own both calibers, but if my life is truly on the line, I want the superior power factor of the 10mm. You Choose your own Poison... I will choose the Glock every time. It's not pretty or sexy like a 1911. In fact I still think they are Ugly. But when the Shit hits the Fan, the bad guy is not going to stop & admire how good my Gun Looks. He Better be Running & Ducking & hoping I can no longer Legally Use Deadly Force, & that I have the common sense to know he is No longer a Threat. Cause Bad Guys Don't care what your pistol looks like...They just don't want to be looking down the barrel of any Handgun. no matter how ugly it is............. NR [/COLOR]
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  1. Old Comment
    samuse's Avatar
    At least you can admit it. I've been trying to convince myself that I was a 1911 guy for about three years now. I ain't.

    I would almost go as far to say that using a 1911 for serious purposes is borderline irresponsible given the handguns available these days.
    Posted 04-10-2011 at 16:00 by samuse samuse is offline
  2. Old Comment
    JackMac's Avatar
    I am a 1911 fan and own several from Series 70 Colts on up to a Colt Defender. I have been a Glock fan for about five years and have since put my favorite carry gun, Colt Defender, back in the safe. I have several Glocks and my favorites are the G-21, 19, and 26. Since I don't see as well as I did once, I have laser sites on the Glock 19 and love them. Quick site acquistion, you don't even have to bring the gun up, just put the red dot on it and squeeze off a round. Bingo!
    Posted 04-10-2011 at 19:51 by JackMac JackMac is offline
  3. Old Comment
    hoffy's Avatar
    I started shooting in the '70s when I was a teenager, and learned on a friends Python, MkI Ruger and then my own 70 series Combat Commander my father bought for me when I was 18. I shot the snot out of that Combat Commander, and it saw a lot of miles of hard use in my jeep CJ 5 when we could still roam the forests with impunity. Of course, had to keep the ammo locked up, but the gun was submerged many times, but had the electroless nickel finish and has never rusted.

    The Colt was my main gun until I started working at a large gun shop in my mid twenties whilst going to university. We had a ton of different guns and the owner would let me shoot anything that was used, provided I bring him a target and clean it and feed it. I feel I could teach a course on comparative firearms ( I am a NRA Pistol Instructor ). I really liked the SIG 220 and the previous Browning, but did not get the chance to shoot one until a customer, a Deputy U.S. Marshall let me shoot his 220 in the late '80s, he had had it hard chromed. I was sold on the spot, and did a foolish thing(kind of) put one on plastic with out authorization from my new wife. Still have the gun and wife. Opened me up to accepting more autos. I got on the Glock wagon pretty quick, bought an early used one in the '80s in 9mm and subsequently have had 4 different 9mm Glocks, not a big 9 fan I guess. I too like the 10mm and 357 SIG, along with 45 and 40 (for carry,for fun I have up to a 460 Smith). My favorite shooters are the HKs, though I shoot my Glocks a lot too. My best friends nephew and his friends are "discovering "1911s and are mocking me because I have retired my old 40+++k round Colt to the range. Funny thing is I can out shoot them even with a double action only (not DAK) SIG 239 in 357. They are not pleased. They don't shoot much with me since they were shooting at an 8 inch square at 15 yards and missing and I put 12 shots on a foot square steel plate at 100 yards and hit it every time(lucky I guess) with an HK Tactical.

    1911s have their place, nice and slim and possibly a great trigger and short reset, but a lot of people I know just don't train enough with them to ccw one. I fear they will have an accident if they get into a life or death situation when they get an adrenalin dump. I preach shooting double action as much as possible, and like the Glock as the trigger is manageable without being too light. Like someone said, with all the choices ......
    Posted 04-11-2011 at 14:37 by hoffy hoffy is offline
  4. Old Comment
    You are absolutely correct about the Glock being the most dependable handgun made. That is why I've started a company that specializes in Customized Glocks; it's about time we dress these up the way 1911's have been for years. [URL=""][/URL]
    Posted 04-12-2011 at 13:34 by pmajet pmajet is offline

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