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How, And Why, I Use A Tactical Flashlight. Part Deux ~

Posted 12-07-2013 at 04:56 by Arc Angel
Updated 12-12-2013 at 08:20 by Arc Angel

[quote=Morgo;20815768]No reason you still can't have a second light to go with the mounted light.

The difference in draw times is negligible using decent holsters. In anycase (SIC) it would be a mute point seeing that if you have reason to check the house then it is likely your not doing so with a still holstered handgun.

Another plus side is a mounted light on a handgun adds a bit more weight up front allowing for faster more accurate follow up shots, especially on polymer handguns.[/quote]

Oh, my! Typically sophistic internet gun forum logic! (Sure sounds good!) ;)

It's unlikely that very many people on this board have more point-shooting experience than I do. I started around the time I was 15 years old; and, I've been point-shooting all of my long life. Better than most, I know what it takes to be a decent point-shooter; and I'm positive that hanging a light on the end of the muzzle is only going to make it that much more difficult for a pistolero to quickly AND accurately, 'point the finger'.

(The finest point-shooting pistol I’ve ever handled in my entire life is a Colt, Single Action Army (‘Peacemaker’) with a 7 1/2 inch barrel. The second best point-shooting pistol would be one of my S&W Model 29’s with an 8 3/8 inch barrel; but, still, this pistol is too heavy to work as well as it should. Nobody can convince me that hanging a light on the end of a, ‘Peacemaker’ is going to improve its, ‘pointability’ because it’s not!)

I'm going to agree that facing a threat with your pistol already out is better than discovering a threat while your pistol is holstered; but, to categorically state that there's no disadvantage to the user if the gun is already in-hand, or that the difference in draw speed is only minimal with a light in place, is no better than unfortunately already too common, 'internet gun forum logic'.


As such it is not reasonable to expect a pistol to be in-hand every time you need it. What a pistol has to be is lightweight, fast, and (ideally) eminently, ‘pointable’. (Contrary to more, ‘internet gun forum logic': Glock pistols are NOT eminently, ‘pointable’ - Just the opposite, actually.)

Done much reading on home/self-defense lately? If you have then you should be aware that it’s only somebody with an, ‘IDPA target's mentality’ who cruises his home, gun in hand, while looking for trouble. True, it’s, ‘only human’ to give-in to curiosity and go looking for the source of the noise; but my 70 years on this earth have taught me that this self-defense behavior is, also, tantamount to personal suicide.

If there’s one hard fast rule about home/self-defense it’s that:


Unless you’re a member of, ‘Seal Team Six’ you don’t go to the threat. Furthermore, with less than three people responding to a threat, the most advantageous way to use a tactical flashlight is to: LET SOMEONE ELSE WORK THE LIGHT FOR YOU. You work the gun while someone else works the light.

Only an, ‘internet gun forum expert’ deliberately disadvantages himself by giving-in to the power of modern advertising, and attempting to work the light and the gun together when help from someone else is immediately available. (As long as the other person isn’t a primary responder I have no objection to that person using a weapon-mounted tactical light.)

To address the final point: ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]No reason you still can't have a second light to go with the mounted light.[/I][/COLOR]’ all I can say is, ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]What are you, a gunman, or a Christmas tree?[/I][/COLOR]’ Christmas trees get shot! Personally, I’d rather have one more magazine rather than an extra tac light.


[quote=TexasPOff;20816321]Having my Streamlight shot out of my hand is enough for me not to want a light anywhere in the line of sight or near my cranial area. FYI the BG later said he shot at the light cause he knew the cop was holding it. YMMV When this incident happened, Glocks didn't even have rails.

When I use a light on duty, and I work nights so its a lot, I hold it as far away from vital areas as I can comfortably reach. On the end of a pistol is not far enough away for me.


REFER: [url][/url]
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