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How, And Why, I Use A Tactical Flashlight ~

Posted 12-06-2013 at 18:01 by Arc Angel

[quote=rargos;20815084]Greetings all,

I'm a little bit on the fence regarding whether I should mount a light on my "house" gun. Given that my night vision is getting worse with age and [B]the general requirements that you be able to identify your target (and what's beyond), I think this would be prudent[/B].

That said, I also wonder why I rarely see LEOs, etc. with handgun-mounted lights. Some defensive pistol experts (like Ayoob) also seem to be less than enthusiastic about lights.

Any comments? I'd be very interested in hearing from LEOs about the relative pros and cons of mounting a light.[/quote]

Actually, since we're talking about your home environment, you should have already predetermined where your open lines and angles of fire are located.

The best answer I'm able to give you for the rest of your question is, '[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]How well do you point shoot?[/I][/COLOR]' Personally, I have no intention of trying, 'to grab' my pistol's sights in the dark. My tac light is in my support hand; and I'll be shooting, 'over the back of the slide':


(Which is the reason, 'Why' many savvy police officers aren't comfortable attaching a light to their pistols. Like me, these officers want to retain the ability to point the light in one direction while the pistol is pointing in another.)

Now, believe it or not, THERE IS a place in modern pistol combat for pistols with lights attached. What is it? It's anytime the pistol/attached light shooter is PART OF A COORDINATED ASSAULT TEAM. Anytime one shooter is immediately backed up by two or more other shooters the disadvantage of attaching a tac light to your pistol is negated.

The final reason, 'Why' many pistoleros don't like attaching a tac light to their handgun is because IT IS MORE LIKELY that you will need to draw a pistol fast and fire; AND an attached light is only going to slow down and complicate your draw.

I live on a farm; and, often, before we turn in for the night I'll walk the property's perimeter to make sure everything is all right and where it should be. I have my own system for carrying a tac light; and I might be the only person on this board who carries his light hanging around his neck while attached to a 32 inch SAFETY lanyard.

I would never want to walk up on a buffalo in the dark. They're huge; they're mean; and they're very territorial and protective of one another. Sometimes, these beasts end up where they shouldn't be. When I need my light all I have to do is grab the light's body with my support hand, yank hard, and, voila, I've got the light in my hand and nothing left to pull on my neck. (That's one of the reasons I use a, 'safety lanyard'.)

This system has worked very well for me during the last ten years; and, although I've come close on more than one occasion, I haven't been buffaloed yet! :supergrin:

REFER: [url]http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?p=20815740&posted=1#post20815740[/url]
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