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Zimmerman loses key pre-trial battles

Posted 06-01-2013 at 17:21 by canesfan

Originally Posted by noway View Post
No and I think you knew the answer to that to begin with.

Now the person who you beat on and punch in the face, might be justified in using force to include lethal force.

Also I think we are confusing with SYG means, it means when you have justified means for self-defense, you have no duty or obligation to retreat. You do not have to attempt retreat 1st.

Many years ago, we as conceal gun owner had to exercise retreat unless retreat was restricted or that option did not exist.

back to the case at head;

The Problem with Mr Z & that 99% of the hate lovers don't understand;

He was never in danger until he pursued Martin and then got out of his vehicle. And then you factor in, Martin was not doing anything criminal , and actually lived in that neighborhood

I think that's what got him into hot water and what's going to convict him. If he would have stayed in his car, the outcome would have been very,very different.

Regardless if Martin had weed, smoke a blunt, had stolen jewerly at his HS, or wears clothes that say "Thug Life", that's all irrelevant at the time of the engagement.

Also if he was smart and betcha his lawyers are, they will probably plea this out to manslaughter.

Just watch and see...... I will be the 1st to say, " I told you so "
Agreed... From one Broward County Guy to another good post.
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  1. Old Comment
    I think if Mr. Z was still pursuing Mr. M it shows he was the aggressor. But so far it appears that after talking with the dispatcher he broke off the pursuit. That makes Mr.Z the defender and thus self defence.
    Posted 06-27-2013 at 23:33 by RicoHare RicoHare is offline

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