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PART ONE: What, If Any, ‘Debt’ Do You Owe To Others?

Posted 02-26-2013 at 11:33 by Arc Angel
Updated 03-11-2013 at 06:25 by Arc Angel

[B]Proverbs 22:21[/B]

‘[COLOR="Navy"][I][B]That I might make thee know the absolute certainty of the Words of Truth; that thou mightest answer with these very same Words of Truth to them that inquire of thee?[/B][/I][/COLOR]’

Truth is absolute. It is not relative, open to discussion, a matter of opinion, subject to interpretation, or personal preference. Truth is a settled fact. It does not change with time, move with trends, or recognize different cultures or circumstances. Truth is not found by: sensitivity sessions, public opinion polls, political debates, or educational symposiums. Truth is [U]the[/U]: sovereign choice, declaration, or command of The Lord God regarding any subject! Such is the nature of Truth!

‘Why’ did King Solomon write Proverbs (22:21)? To make his reader know the certainty of the Words of Truth, so that he could teach them to others! ‘Why’ did The Lord God give the Bible to mankind? For the very same reasons! (Malachi 2:7; II Timothy 3:16-17) Here is God’s Absolute Truth! Absolute Truth is objective, identifiable, and communicable. It may be studied, learned, and repeated to others in exactly the original didactic method that The Lord God intended when He gave Sacred Scriptures to fallen mankind.

Mankind is lost! Men are, by their inherent natures, confused from birth itself. ‘Why’? Because their natural (empathetic) hearts are so desperately and deceitfully perverse. (Jeremiah 17:9-10; Romans 3:9-18) Natural men, quite naturally, reject the numerous Absolute Truths revealed to them by God through His creation. As a moral consequence and, in fact, punishment: God, then, retaliated by removing mankind’s general ability to recognize even the most obvious (and moral), ‘Truths of Being’. (Romans 1:18-32; Isaiah 44:20)

God, now, forces men to arrive at their own best moral AND scientific conclusions. When an inquiring man is correct (or, ‘right’) he may be rewarded; but, when an inquirer is incorrect (or, ‘wrong’) he may be punished for his mistakes. Therefore, men often create their own rules of subjectively perceived, ‘right and wrong’.

Incorrect and erroneous, ‘rights’ and, ‘wrongs’ are the usual justifications - the rationale - which most men unfortunately proceed to use as, both, social and personal justification for their innermost unnatural desires and passionate lusts - Perverse desires which always reveal themselves by taking straightforward (and often unfair) advantage of others. (Psalms 36:1-2; Luke 16:15; Ephesians 4:17-19) Hence the moral necessity of the, ‘golden rule’:

‘[COLOR="Navy"][I][B]Do unto others as you would have (or desire) others to do unto you.[/B][/I][/COLOR]’

Which is, of course, NOT to say that you should, ‘take a moral step down’ and, ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Do unto others as they do unto you.[/I][/COLOR]’ While God does allow men to defend themselves, He does not allow for a man to avenge himself. Vengeance - in any and all of its forms - is something that God strictly reserves to Himself. He has done this with the highest form of most certain promise in the universe: By His own personal oath! (Deuteronomy 32:35; I Samuel 26:10; Romans 12:17, & Hebrews 10:30)

A man can lie to others; he can lie to himself; but he cannot lie to God. This generation is the most perverse and badly confused of all! Compulsory public education, and various: video, audio, and print media are forcing men all over the entire earth to consider the numerous intellectual depravities of, ‘What’ so-called, ‘educated’ men think.

These so called, ‘highly educated’ men are presently showing old levels of human depravity at entirely new and even lower intellectual depths than ever before, AND on a much broader scale, too. As a reward for their: ‘lack of heart’, moral apostasy, and cynical intellectual obtusion, God has cursed - and continues to curse - ALL of natural mankind’s educational efforts! God’s living curse, also, frequently evidences itself in the conflict and chaos of current, modern day (political) thinking. (I Corinthians 1:19-20; 3:19-20; & I Timothy 6:20)

Look what’s happened! The former societal role model: An exemplary, home-educated, agrarian farmer - Who knew God from his Bible, and worked with the natural creation each day - has been exchanged in the popular mind in favor of a modern day, pseudointellectual, ‘yuppie’. ‘What’ is a yuppie? A presumptuous intellectual fairy, educated by: God-hating, evolutionary, socialistic teachers who, themselves, prefer to be entertained by whoremongering, anarchic buffoons. (‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]I’ll be back![/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Do ya feel lucky, punk?[/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Go ahead. Make my day![/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]That punk pulled a Glock 7 on me![/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]I could have killed ‘em all. I could ‘a killed you![/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]In town you’re the law; but out here it’s me![/I][/COLOR]’ etc., etc., etc. I won’t, even, go into the decadent popular song lyrics!) :freak:

We’re finally there, people! America is reaching the tail end (literally) of a social experiment in brazen hedonistic self-government that has, now, brought total moral confusion and depravity TO ALL MANKIND. Adultery is euphemistically referred to as, ‘an affair’. Despicable homosexual sodomies are called, ‘gay’. Fornication is referred to as, ‘partying’ (or, ‘getting down’); and rebellious and disobedient, bratty children suffer from something called, ‘attention deficit disorder' or, ‘ADD’.

'ADD' is a presumed physiological ailment that modern social scientists insist requires the subjective applied use of psychotropic drugs and preferential classroom treatments. However, the consequential result of the chemically altered, preferential treatments these obstreperous young school children get is that - in direct consequence - the social and learning development of the entire rest of the group becomes almost equally retarded! The social, academic, scientific, pharmacological, and the moral situation throughout the world, today, is now INSANE!

Talk about, ‘dumbing down’ America! :wow: (It’s NOT accidental, people; it’s deliberate!)

ALL of mankind is more confused, today, than ever before. Both morally and intellectually speaking, modern men have - ever so subtly - reverted back to the personal behaviors and baseline moral comprehensions of their presumed caveman ancestors.

Men, now, think that they came from monkeys, and feel free to copulate with women as if they were, ‘hot apes’ in the jungle. Worse, as if behaving like swine in a sty isn’t already bad enough, more and more men are presently becoming gluttons and eating like pigs! (‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]That steak is gimongous![/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Sure, I can eat it in less than 20 minutes![/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Adam![/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Adam![/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Adam! [/I][/COLOR]’ ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Get down with the flavors![/I][/COLOR] ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]There’s a lot going on in that bowl!’ ‘Well, originally, I was thinking about wearing the sunglasses on my butt, then ......![/I][/COLOR]’) :supergrin:

The children of parents who once knew better presently: Fornicate like animals, eat like pigs, laugh at idiotic entertainment like hyenas, strut to degenerate popular music like chickens, and dance with each other as if they were horny baboons!

Today, people thoughtlessly repeat whatever the public education system teaches them as if they were parrots, and think little of abandoning their young - or worse - slaughtering their unborn children! Such, ‘right-to-choose’ mothers (Whatever, the Hell, that means?) are no different than the most base of feral rodents! Only the most savage of moral degenerates destroys its own young.


At the same time as western civilization rejects, both, corporal and capital punishments, it’s either overtly or tacitly correct for pregnant women to selfishly abort their living babies while the studly sires who impregnated them sit around watching popular movies like, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

THESE are the very same men who ridicule fundamentalist Bible Preachers, while daring to castigate anyone who, so much as attempts, to question modern, largely unproven theories of evolution. :freak:

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