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What I Think Of Today's NRA!

Posted 02-10-2013 at 10:28 by Arc Angel
Updated 04-07-2013 at 16:05 by Arc Angel

:wow: Wow! Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me!

It's difficult to imagine either the scope or extent of moronic social intellect until you actually see it in action. My generation had a lot more savvy. We weren't such, 'internet jerks'; and, (NOT that it ultimately did us much good, but) at least, we had the initial insight and acumen - along with the tenacity - to launch the so-called, 1977, 'NRA Rebellion' in Cincinnati.

Back in the 70's NRA leadership and management sucked, big time; and know what? It still sucks, big time, today. It's only that the extant membership isn't, 'cut from the same cloth', is both morally and socially degraded, and completely fails to grasp how Harlon Carter so very smoothly sold out every single gun owner in America. Nothing's really changed in 2013. If anything the situation has become far worse!

Don't let an old gunman like me, 'rock your boat', though. If you guys want to, 'clutch at straws while drowning' that's your business. Me? I've got little, or no, use for taking either the, 'easy way out', or joining in on and running along with an effete popular illusion.

American gun ownership is well on its way to becoming stone-cold dead; and, the way I see things, the NRA has done an excellent job of misdirecting America's gun owners, pissing tens of millions of contributed dollars away, and fooling the vast majority of America's (remarkably) simple-minded gun owners into believing that they're doing some good.

They're not! :shocked:

By the time you people wake up and realize what's happened to America and its Constitution, it's all going to be over! (What is more, I'll bet that better than 90% of the present American gun owning public won't even know exactly, 'How' or, 'Why' they got screwed out of both their guns AND their Republic!) :freak:

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