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God, Gun Control, And One World Government!

Posted 01-19-2013 at 05:02 by Arc Angel
Updated 01-24-2013 at 06:43 by Arc Angel

Look what I got in the mail when I went on-line this morning!

[quote=(Name Withheld)]First I don't have a problem with teaching the 10 commandments in school. They show how laws were developed in Western society and why laws should help build society. If some people want to take a religious swing on this great, but it doesn't have to be a religious teaching.

Second, I wish you were correct, but .... Muslims believe in the 10 commandments, they still flew planes into the twin towers. McVey (SIC) was a Christian, he still blew up the Federal building. The wacko in Wako TX said he was a Christian. Many of the gangsters of the 1930s were Jewish.

Teaching the 10 commandments, doesn't solve the issues. People are still going to try to kill people. On the flip side, there is NO reason to disarm people.

It is really too bad that no world wide religion talked about Rights and not laws of stuff you shall not do. So there is a flaw in your logic.[/quote]

:shocked: Really! Well, good morning to you, too. Since, at least, the early Middle Ages all jurisprudence in the Western World has been based upon and firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian morality.

The western society in which we, now, live is the first to deviate from Judeo-Christian ethics into muddled, highly ambiguous, socio-political reasoning. Western society’s, ‘standards' are down; and, in large part, today’s, ‘godless electronic society’ is responsible for many - if not all - of the modern social ills from which contemporary civilization presently suffers, 'like never before'. (The social situation is NOT improving, either)

I'm, also, going to disagree with you on another point: It DOES have to be religious teaching because, like it or not, ALL MEN, AT THE CORE OF THEIR INTELLECTS, ARE RELIGIOUS. Even, so-called, atheists frequently demonstrate pronounced religious zeal. (It takes a lot of personal faith AND frequent reaffirmation in order to consistently NOT believe in a greater Creative Being!)

I AM CORRECT! You are the one who is misinformed. There are no Ten Commandments in Al-Islam. Only a pretense and a few ambiguous allusions to Mosaic Law are contained in Muslim faith; and, ‘Why not’? The writers of the Koran had both biblical testaments from which to copy their new faith. (NOT the other way around!)

Timothy McVeigh (the correct spelling) and, ‘David Koresh’ (an assumed biblically-contrived name) were NOT Christians; so, once again, you are mistaken. Both men were miserable self-deluding caricatures of the faith they presumed to represent. In fact I’m, a little, surprised that you are apparently ignorant of Christ’s warning against such men recorded in the seventh chapter of Saint Matthew’s gospel.

I’ll agree that merely teaching people the Ten Commandments isn’t going to correct our badly confused, exceedingly immoral, and politically insane, 'one world' society. (Yes! Mankind HAS already devolved its respective national economies into one gargantuan worldwide enterprise; AND a counterpart worldwide government is rapidly forming behind it.) ;)

Today's commingled worldwide population IS MADE-UP of those decrepit national groups, and morally bankrupt generations which: The Lord Jesus Christ, the Apostle Timothy, and the Senior Apostle John warned their fellow Christians would one day appear on Earth.

What learning the Ten Commandments does do is to make people MORE AWARE and give them some SENSE OF APPRECIATION for a significant number of those personal choices and concomitant moral parameters which are always psychically contrived BEFORE being presented to conscious intelligence.


Actually, my friend, you need to be more careful in your reasoning. THERE IS a certain justification for modern governments to disarm their citizens. Why? Because your political opponents are, clearly, a lot smarter than you! They are much better organized, more devious; AND they're, simply, playing a better game - THAT is, ‘Why’.

Modern crime, socio-political, 'spin', AND current social events tend to work strongly AGAINST American gun owners and their constitutional rights, and FOR - not only ever-increasing, often absurd, and straightforwardly vindictive firearm restrictions, but - OUTRIGHT GUN CONFISCATION, instead!

Throughout the world, today, individual self-defense is becoming an increasingly criminal act. '[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness[/I][/COLOR]' might - MIGHT - be among every American’s (Presumably? :supergrin: ) God-given, ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Unalienable Rights[/I][/COLOR]’; HOWEVER, in modern Western jurisprudence personal acts of self-defense, increasingly, are NOT.

Now, two final thoughts: First: It is spiritually impossible for any man to, ‘justify’ himself before God. Consequently mankind receives ONLY what God allows and, fortunately, NOT what so very many people prefer to, so invariably, stoop to earn for themselves and, thus, so richly deserve. (In psycho-spiritual reality if men actually got what they deserve then we’d, all, be dead.) :shame:

Second, I am a man who, during his working career, made millions of dollars (in terms of, ‘yesterday’s money’) for his employers. For you to accuse me of possessing, ‘flawed logic’ (or an impaired ability to reason) would, at the very least, ‘raise the eyebrows’ of a number of very wealthy men. (True!)

Some of these men might agree that I am, or have been, ingenuous or naïve, but illogical? Never! I am a very good graduate statistical analyst. Applied logic and progressive analysis are my strong fortes. If I suffer from any academic fault, at all, it’s idealism; however, nobody’s perfect; so, please, don’t expect me to apologize - OK. :supergrin:

Remember that between your viewpoint, and my own I might be the one who is the most correct; and, right now, the final outcome remains to be seen.

(Text Edited And Modified For Clarity: 01/24/13)
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