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DEA Agent Lee Paige And His Nonintentional Discharge!

Posted 01-08-2013 at 07:32 by Arc Angel
Updated 02-27-2013 at 18:44 by Arc Angel

[quote=atcs2152;20020058]Thanks for the advice folks. I've offloaded a single round and I'm now storing it with an almost full magazine with the chamber empty. Only thing is, now it's too heavy. JUST KIDDING. On a serious note though, [B]I remember a scene in one of the Bourne movies where another assassin grabs a handgun from the freezer and Bourne comments that the guy didn't detect that it was too light[/B], hence empty, because Bourne had already emptied it. At the time I wondered if that was possible. Now I know.[/quote]

:supergrin: A, too often, common movie mistake that I recall seeing in a number of different movies. 'The Bourne Ultimatum', and, 'Taken' are among them. (It isn't just the weight of the pistol that gives this away; the whole balance of a piece is thrown off when the grip is too light in weight.) ;)

I think that if you teach yourself to consistently react as if, '[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]The gun is always loaded.[/I][/COLOR]' then you'll be fine from now on. All ya got 'a remember is that (for ALL handling purposes) THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN EMPTY GUN - EVER! :thumbsup:

The other great mistake I've learned far too many people make is they seem to have some sort of perverse fascination with pulling the trigger. I've talked to and corresponded with a lot of people who have ND'd their Glocks. The vast majority of them, 'let one loose' preparatory to (1) taking the slide off the frame, or (2) pulling the trigger in order to, 'make the gun safe'.

To my mind, the greatest danger to using a semiautomatic pistol is the, all too common, mistake of dropping the magazine while completely overlooking the fact that there's still a hot round left in the chamber! (Happens much too often!)

I'm one of very few people who saw the first, UN:EDITED, Lee Paige ND video. It was actually a much more serious gun-handling mistake than was admitted to, later on. In the original video what Lee Paige and his other DEA pal did was to clear the pistol by: (1) partially dropping the magazine, (2) racking the slide, (3) ejecting a live round, and (4) then locking the slide to the rear.

What happened next is mind-numbing! These two - two! - DEA agents watched each other while Paige slapped the magazine back into its locked position, and used the slide stop to snap the slide home. (Rechambering another live round to replace the one they'd just removed!) :clown:

Those two DEA agents - NOT just Lee Paige - broke so many firearm-handling safety rules that, had they actually been certified NRA Instructors, they would have lost their credentials! The mistakes are numerous:

(1) They brought both guns AND live ammunition into the same classroom/demonstration area. (You don't do that!)

(2) Two agents, acting in concert with each other, removed a fully loaded weapon from its holster. (You don't do that, either!)

(3) This fully loaded weapon was, then, cleared in the most ludicrous manner I have ever seen! (These two men were BOTH poorly trained, rank amateur gun-handlers, sporting a: real, live, fully loaded, and ready-to-go (C-1) semiautomatic pistol.)

(4) Whenever you clear a semiautomatic weapon the ammunition AND magazine should always be fully separated, the one from the other!

(5) Then - and, perhaps, thanks to God - Lee Paige had the (muddled) forethought to pull the trigger WHILE THE MUZZLE WAS NOT POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION!

I, personally, believe that Paige did this preparatory to handing his, 'big, bad, Glock Fo-tee' to the young boy sitting on the floor at his feet. (Those kids are never going to know how lucky they were that Paige's ricochet didn't get any of them AFTER he, literally, shot himself in the foot!)

So, there's the final two rules Paige broke: (1) He allowed the muzzle to point at something he was unwilling to see destroyed; (In this case, himself) and (2) he pulled the trigger BEFORE he'd made a conscious decision to fire. (Yes, he did! Pulling the trigger should NEVER BE a forethought; and in this case it was.) Paige could, very easily, have struck one of those children with the same bullet - or, conceivably, another one of his bullets - too.)

The whole event was a Keystone Cops' fire drill of normally irrevocable firearm-handling safety regulations - ALL rules that should never be broken! If there is any redemptive value to what happened in that Miami auditorium it is the warnings and precautions it presents. Everybody should learn from it, and never allow anything like this to ever happen again. :freak:

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