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PART ONE: What Is The Exact Nature Of Absolute Truth?

Posted 12-10-2012 at 11:22 by Arc Angel

This is an intriguing question; one that I'm sure there is a wide variety of different answers on.

It’s particularly interesting that this topic should come up now because men have been actively debating this subject since, at least, the mid 1960’s when rationale about, ‘situational ethics’ was all the rage. It has subsequently been established that situational ethics do NOT work; but, unfortunately, the inherent moral lessons have failed to stick and, ‘strike home’.

Pontius Pilot asked The Christ, ‘[COLOR="Navy"][I]What is truth?[/I][/COLOR]’ Christ chose NOT to answer Pilot. ‘Why’ continues to remain an outstanding question. Elsewhere The Lord Jesus said, ‘[COLOR="navy"][I]I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto The Father except through Me;[/I][/COLOR]’ but while He was standing before Pilot (Who held a temporary power of life or death over Him.) Jesus very deliberately declined to answer.

The statement, the realization, that: ‘[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]The final, the ultimate, nature of truth is, both, absolute and self-evident.[/I][/COLOR]’ applies to all endeavors of the conscious mind, as well as to the successful accomplishment of all material challenges.

Man, himself, is a slave to conscious reason. The principal determinant, the faculty to decide and choose a final solution, of the conscious mind is RATIONAL NEGATION. Without intellectual choice AND rational negation, a man is completely unable to think intelligently; he cannot make clever, reasoned choices that work, pragmatically, in order to solve physical problems inside the real material world.

The various cerebral processes of rational negation apply to all endeavors of the conscious mind: physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive (including mathematical and philosophical realizations).

All of us are here, cast in material form and enslaved by our conscious minds, in order for each of us to learn the difference between that which is good, and that which is evil. While, on the surface, such differentiation might appear to be relatively easy to accomplish, it is, in fact, an extremely difficult intellectual feat to achieve. Ultimately, though, a man's life - his very soul, itself - hangs in the balance.

Those souls which are able to use the intellectual process of rational negation in order to acquire an awareness of the precise differences between good, and evil stand to advantage themselves in ways which exceed, both, conscious thought as well as material existence.

Those souls which, for whatever personal reasons, remain locked within the strictures of conscious thought and rational negation ultimately disadvantage themselves and risk - through what sacred Judeo-Christian scripture describes as, ‘stiff necks’ or, ‘hardness of heart’ - achieving a diminution of, both, material and intellectual being via a soulful process described by various ancient philosophers as interrelated, ‘metempsychosis’ and, ‘anamnesis’. (Yes, these spiritual realities ARE alluded to in The Bible; BUT, you've got to know where to look for them.)

The larger part of mankind’s complete failure to rise beyond the confines of, both, conscious reason and rational negation is euphemistically described in the Holy Bible as, ‘[COLOR="Navy"][I]going to Hell[/I][/COLOR]’.

Christ comparatively identified people’s wasted lives and failures to ultimately recognize the precise differences between preexistent good and evil as, ‘[COLOR="navy"][I]throwing your mortal soul upon a burning heap of garbage where it would be consumed into a lesser form, or forms, of material being.[/I][/COLOR]’

When a shrewd Christian tells someone, ‘[COLOR="navy"][I]You’re going to go to Hell[/I][/COLOR]’ what he is saying is, ‘[COLOR="navy"][I]You are not only destroying any chance you have of gaining favor with God, but, you are also actively destroying both your (constantly decaying) physical body AS WELL AS the operational motive soul (or, ‘vital life force’) behind your material (and very mortal) earthly being[/I][/COLOR]'.

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