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PART ONE: How's Your (Spiritual) Health?

Posted 11-17-2012 at 09:58 by Arc Angel

[I][B][COLOR="Navy"]Proverbs 14:30, ‘A sound heart is the life of the flesh; but envy is rottenness to the bones.’[/COLOR][/I][/B]

Are you in good health? Are you thriving with robust energy and strength? You, also, have a physical and a spiritual side to your life as well. You could have a strong physical heart, but rot to death from envious emotions within your spirit. King Solomon’s admonition was written to protect you from the horrible consequences of envy in your life. Will you let the, ‘King of Wisdom’ examine your spiritual heart-condition, today? Will you!

Envy is a deadly spiritual poison. It will destroy your soul, body, and life; and, if it persists, it will take you, ‘to Hell for eternity’. Before you allow such ungodly emotions to throw you into a biblical, ‘Lake of Fire’, take conscious steps to save your spiritual health, your sanity, and even your physical life. If you do not then, like a creeping poison, envy will: pervert your thinking, torture your mind, ruin your health, consume your body, wreck your reputation, and finally destroy your life. Clever Christians and Jews hate envy!

A spiritually mature person does not, ever, entertain or trifle with envy. Why? Because he knows how dangerous envy is, and how much damage it can do to his soul. Reject any idea that you can, somehow, afford to dabble with envy and remain healthy at the same time. You cannot! God, through His servant King Solomon, has warned you to stay away from such a hurtful and powerful negative emotion.

Psychosomatic illnesses - those bodily ailments caused by emotional issues - have been very slowly formally identified by modern science; but, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Solomon knew about psychosomatic illnesses more than 3000 years ago! These illnesses start out as spiritual maladies and, then, morph themselves into unpleasant: mental, emotional, and psychological disturbances. Of course, an enlightened Christian or Jew can easily improve the medical definition of, ‘psychosomatic illness’. A more correct definition would be, ‘SIN’. It is sin that gives ethereal birth to spiritual, ‘problems of the heart’; and it is sin that ultimately manifests real world material effects to destroy BOTH body and soul, together, at the same time.

(Here is an example of high spiritual negativity that begins as, really nothing more than, an induced mental perception; and, once this perception becomes firmly implanted within human intellect, it is able to manifest real world material results - Results that can be, both, observed and measured!) ;)

The above proverb creates a striking contrast between, ‘the life of the flesh’, and a spiritual, ‘rottenness to the bones’. The question arises: Does this proverb deal with only general life success with men, physical health alone, or is there something more involved here? Remember King David’s observation that God’s commandments are exceeding broad (Psalm 119:96). This proverb teaches that there are a variety of consequences to, both, sin and spiritual problems. (One leads to the other!) A loving heart will make you stronger physically and spiritually, and envy will do exactly the opposite!

A strong physical heart is the life of the flesh. A healthy heart pumps a sufficient supply of blood with oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body and efficiently flushes all waste and poisons out of the body, as well. As the Bible states, ‘[I][COLOR="Navy"]The life of the flesh is in the blood.[/COLOR][/I]’ (Leviticus 17:11) A strong spiritual heart is physically healthful as well; for, by love and mercy toward others a healthy spiritual heart soothes the soul, and reduces various stresses and toxic chemical elements that can harm the body.

Envy and related emotions stress your body by tensing muscles and calling upon the brain to release inappropriate chemicals to be created and released within the body. Your heart rate accelerates, blood pressure climbs, breathing increases, and additional incorrect hormones may also be secreted. Your misguided body may become totally focused on the threat – A threat which only exists inside of your misguided and perverse wicked imagination! Look what a sinful emotion like envy can do to you! It colors your mind in negative shades of emotion and, then, compromises your real world physical health. This constant spiritual resentment, continues to stress both your mind and your body; and, even at night, envy has the power to, ‘harden’ your spirit, and disquiet your sleep.

EXTRAPOLATED FROM: Proverb For The Day | Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 | [url]www.LetGodBeTrue.com[/url] | 212 Standing Springs Road | Simpsonville | SC | 29680
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