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PART TWO: Why Most Men Do Not Understand God

Posted 11-15-2012 at 07:50 by Arc Angel
Updated 11-15-2012 at 08:40 by Arc Angel

All of which reaffirms that men aren’t born, ‘smart’ or, ‘all-knowing’. True wisdom and true understanding of, ‘this brief existential absurdity’ in which we are, ALL, involved only comes from God - Himself.

Now, while it is true that ALL men are possessed of a certain ability to reason; the true ability to REASON CORRECTLY is a divine gift - A gift which can only come directly from God, Himself; AND, in order to acquire this divine gift of valid and insightful reason, YOU MUST ASK GOD TO RECEIVE IT. Otherwise you’re going to live the life of one of these angry, ‘cyberspace fools’ who hang around religious internet forums like this one, and bitterly rail against the spiritual presence of God in the world at every electronic opportunity.

Look at it this way: If every major government of Earth monitors and carefully watches the Internet for what people are saying and doing, then, you should be able to appreciate that God, Himself, also does exactly the same thing! Everything everybody says or does: in person, in print, on television, in the movies, or in cyberspace - AND MORE - is entirely visible to Almighty God!

‘[COLOR="Navy"][I]I, The Lord, search the heart, I try the reins, even to give to every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his own doings.[/COLOR][/I]’ - Jeremiah 17:10

Your life and material existence have been freely given to you by God; however, in order to acquire anything more than material being - in order to acquire true spiritual comprehension AND, perhaps, even true spiritual being - you’re going to have to actively ask your Father God for it.

Anyone who fails to petition the Creator God in order to become more than he already is - to have greater personal abilities and possessions than he already has - is, in effect, damning his own living soul to Hell.

As you might expect, very few men possess true spiritual comprehension. Unfortunately most men - who are blinded by their own natural and materialistic instincts - possess little more than an innate ability to reason like babies and prattle like fools. Far too many of these spiritually obtuse individuals are, also, possessed of a remarkable internalized, ‘rage against God’ - A rage fostered by having discovered themselves to be in naked and (essentially) helpless material form - Cast, as it were, ‘out of the garden’.

This internalized and deeply brooding anger causes fallen men such as these to frequent on-line internet, ‘religious forums’ (like this one) where, all too regrettably, they are disproportionately successful at equally misleading the hearts and minds of far too many others who wander into their purview and, then, unwittingly fall under their evil spell.

Sadly, with the growth of the Internet, these men - Who are truly fools in the, ‘Eyes of God.’ - are becoming increasingly successful at destroying the curious and developing faith of anyone who’s spiritually naïve enough to seriously consider their mean-spirited prattle and, then, take their blasphemous and nonsensical diatribes against: God, His righteous spirituality, and His, ‘Saints’ into their hearts. THIS is the beginning of Christ’s, ‘well-traveled, broad and spacious, downward road to Hell’.

‘Why’ am I telling you this? Because if [B]the completely unproven fallacy of atheism[/B] and the angry fools who presume to believe in it haven’t already turned your soul away from God, then maybe - just maybe - reading this scriptural exposé might give you the fighting chance you need to save yourself from cyberspace antipathy against God - An angry, ill-considered, and blasphemous antipathy sponsored by Satan the devil, and his blind and foolish minions.

THAT is, ‘Why’. ;)
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