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Women: You Don't Want a Nice Guy

Posted 11-23-2010 at 21:57 by Weiser 878

I’m kinda getting sick of seeing this crap about women wanting “nice guys.” Women don’t want nice guys. They think they do, but I submit to you that they don’t.

Women say they want the “Nice Guy.” But unfortunatly, the “Nice Guy” is not the man of your dreams; he’s the doof you think is your friend, that puts up with your craziness and listens to your bitching and you know will do anything you ask of him. Or he’s the fat, pimply nerdy guy that held the door open for you at the mall the other day. Or maybe he’s just a normal Joe, that for whatever reason you don’t notice ‘cause he’s not totally perfect. Point is: if you’re attracted or drawn to him, he’s not a “Nice Guy.”

Also, you don’t want a totally nice guy anyway. You want somone who’s a little bit of an ass. Its OK, its natural, its a dominant male trait (as long as he’s not an ass to you).

But you get guys who are mean. They seem sincere and nice until you get to know them then they are douchebags. They’re not “sweet” after you let them into your pants. Why? Because they’ve already gotten what they wanted. They’ll treat you just nice enough to get you to stay around maybe, but not treat you like the princess you want to be treated like.

Then there are those of you who actively seek richard craniums. Maybe its just the “Bad Boy” thing ingrained into your psyche. You want to live dangerously with the guy in a leather jacket who rides a motorcycle and beats people up in random bar fights. If thats what gets you excited, if thats the kind of guy you find yourself going after time and time again, you don’t want a “Nice Guy.”

You may always be hurt or get cheated on or get beaten or feel downtrodden and not special. But honestly, you put yourself in that situation.

Men are constantly getting blamed for making decisions from between the legs instead of with their heads or their hearts. If you find yourself in the situations that make you constantly lament the lack of good nice guys in the world, I submit that maybe its you who’re thinking between your legs. If you want to date a guy because he’s HOTTTT, but you can’t think of anything special he’s said or done to make you feel unique, if you honestly can’t think of anything stimulating to talk about with him, you’re propagating your own plight.

Caveat: If you really are looking for a nice guy and can’t seem to find one and have looked into all your possibilities, this does not apply to you. Go on Monster and get a job outside Saskatchewan where there are actually people to court you.

…and if I weren’t an ass, I wouldn’t write this
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