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Obamacare: Assuring we'll all suffer equally

Posted 11-23-2010 at 21:12 by Weiser 878

If you wonder what it will be like once the government's "public option" health care reforms go into effect, all you need do is visit your local social security office, DMV, or DHR.

Everyone is NOT created equal. People don't have equal needs, wants, or desires. People require different levels of interaction and personalization.

A visit to the Doctor
Let's say you're one of the many totally uninsured people in the country and you have severe wrist pain that's preventing you from performing your job well (typing/lifting etc). You go to the free clinic or emergency room of your public hospital. After hours of lost work/sleep, you're looked at by a nurse, then probably a nurse practitioner. If you're really lucky or live in a smaller city a doctor might pop into your room for 20 seconds.

They tell you you sprained your wrist; write you some anti-inflammatory and pain med scripts and tell you to get a wrist brace at Wal-Mart and send you on your way.

This doesn't help much because, as you told them, you hadn't injured your wrist. The pain gets worse, so finally, you take off work again and go back.

You tell them you're getting worse so they pay more attention, but won't schedule you any tests because you don't have insurance to pay for them. They conclude you probably have carpal tunnel syndrome, which will require expensive tests to diagnose for sure, and if conformed will require surgery to fix. Basically, they tell you to get a different job.

Scenario two: you have the best health insurance you can afford.

You call an orthopedic surgeon in the morning because your wrist was killing you while you were playing squash last night. You show up on time at your appointment, and after a short wait, you're in an exam room with a nurse doing triage. After your vitals check, the nurse takes you to imaging where you're Xrayed.

The doctor comes in, looks at your wrist and the X ray, sees nothing on the film but notices your swelling and orders a CAT scan.

The doctor looks at the CAT scan and diagnoses you with Carpal Tunnel and schedules your surgery for the next morning.

You have your surgery, take it easy for a couple of weeks, and are good as new in a month, back at work.

Everyone equal
The above scenarios are atrocious to those who subscribe to the mantra that everyone "deserves" to be treated the same, so they force upon us a government health care "reform" to help the person in scenario A.

Now, everyone has the public option insurance.

In this scenario, you call your state advisory agency to find out where you go for wrist pain. You're referred to a general doctor in your area. You call to make an appointment and are given a time. You show up at that time, but end up waiting for hours.

You finally get to an exam room and a nurse checks you out. She leaves and shortly comes back to tell you its probably just sprained and hands you a script for pain killers and a wrist brace.

You return 4 days later with even more severe pain and this time after waiting hours, a nurse practitioner, or maybe a 20 second doctor visit determines you need and X ray. They make you an appointment the next day at a radiology center.

You go to your Xray appointment and wait about an hour and then they take the film.

2 days later you return to the doctor's office where he makes an appearance, just then looks at the film, and tells you its not broken. Since your pain is getting worse, he suspects carpal tunnel. You're told to return to waiting while they attempt to get approval for a CAT scan.

They call you back again and a nurse tells you you have to treat with anti inflammatorys for 5 days before you can have a CAT scan so she hands you a script and you're on your way.

5 days later you're back-no improvement. They schedule you a CAT scan for the next day.

You go to the radiology clinic and have the CAT scan.

You go back to your doctor a few days later. They tell you that you do have carpal tunnel. You must undergo 90 days of immobilization (cast) to see if there's an improvement before you can discuss surgery.

90 days later, you're probably somewhat better so you're sent on your way.

Maybe you're not that much better, so you start the cycle of going to the doctor and waiting between appointments until you're finally cleared for surgery.

...but, if you're an average working Joe, you can't miss that much work for all the appointments//radiology//followups etc... so you just wear the brace and try to find a different job that doesn't strain your wrist.

Back to basics
Government controlled anything clusters everyone together like they're equal. The lowest common denominator gets a step up, but the head of the class gets knocked down a few flights.

But now, the have-nots can look around them in the waiting room and see the haves suffering along with them, so there's now a perception that they are "as good as" the haves.

That's what it comes down to: appearances. Give everyone the same crappy experience and the ones who were used to it will think they're getting a better experience. Meanwhile, those who actually took responsibility for themselves before are punished for trying to provide better for themselves.

ladies and gentlemen; welcome to socialism.
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