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Newer Mobile Devices Consume More Data

Posted 11-23-2010 at 21:02 by Weiser 878
Updated 01-11-2011 at 11:54 by Weiser 878

Thinking about upgrading to the newest, greatest phone? Before you do, you'd better make sure you can get a robust enough data plan to handle it.

More and more people are relying on smartphones. From BlackBerrys to iPhones and Androids, to the various bandwagon touchscreen devices, it is literally a shock to see someone with just a plain old phone (and even most of those can get online).
As many are aware, AT&T recently implemented new tiered data plans and 86ed the old Unlimited plan (fortunately, as you’ll soon see for me, they grandfathered in existing users and allowed them to keep their unlimited data) Read more here: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6513H120100602

I’m concentrating on AT&T’s plans here because that's what I currently have, and am most educated about. Also, it appears to be the way other carriers will head as well. Specifically, Verizon says it will go to tiered data. Source: http://www.neowin.net/news/verizon-w...-ts-lead/36003

The gist of it is, that AT&T is marketing it as a way to save money because, according to them, 98% of their users fall under 2GB a month, and over 60% fall under 200MB per month.
(1024kb=1MB; 1024MB=1GB; so 4670.68MB=4.3GB)
When I went to get my new iPhone, I was offered the new tiered data plans numerous times. They offered to look at my data usage and told me I could switch to the 2GB plan and save $60 a year! I knew better and consistently insisted I wanted to stay with my unlimited plan. I’ve gone over 1GB a couple of times in the past (mostly from tethering or streaming music), and kept thinking that I’d be using more data with the newer phone.

On June 12th, I sold the iPhone 3G I’d been using since August 2008. I used a BlackBerry Bold 9000 from June 12th until my iPhone 4 arrived August 18th.

AT&T’s website offers a tracking feature so you can keep up with your usage. As well, there is an APP for BlackBerrys, iPhones, and Androids that lets you check usage, pay bills, add features etc…
Keep in mind, the online chart is based off your actual bill, so its a month behind (ie, September’s bill is August’s usage etc)

Bearing in mind, I had my iPhone 4 for 18 days of my September billing cycle, look what happened to my usage:
Trend from December to September (November to August)

I’ve now had my phone a full month, and look at where I am now:
Current useage via AT&T Mobile APP

What’s really asinine is that AT&T charges you an extra $20 per month AND makes you drop to the 2GB limit to tether. I’ve racked up this much usage mostly by streaming music for hours a day from Slacker and using the iMovie app to compile videos to send to YouTube.
I have tethered a few times, but each one just to hop onto a real computer to do something I couldn’t from my phone.

My iPhone is my computer. The laptop collects dust because I don’t have a home internet connection, so I probably use it more than 90% of people. But, I was using my iPhone 3G all the time before (although it didn’t stream music reliably while doing other tasks like this one does, and I couldn’t upload videos from it to YouTube like this one can [HD720i]). Plus, this phone is just so damn fast! I clock download speeds of 3.2Mbps, and the new processor and RAM make my old laptop feel very sluggish.

Just be on the lookout, and if you have a Smartphone, please check your data usage and report here what phone, about how much you use it and how much data you used, please. You can get it from your carrier’s website.

Of particular note to iOS4 users (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), when you’re done using something, you might want to double click the home button and kill the still running processes. It saves battery for one, and I’m sure that having, say Facebook, Twitter, Wikiamo, Maps, and YouTube running in the background is still sending some data too, which may also account for my high usage.
I ended up at 7.1GB

UPDATE: Jan, 2011.
Another data chart:
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