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Doesn't this make anyone think and wonder if CCW is even worth it?

Posted 05-02-2012 at 12:50 by RussP

Another from Misty...
Originally Posted by Misty02 View Post
I feel the same way! However, based on comments Iíve heard and read after the Zimmerman case Iíve drawn a few conclusions:

1. Some have not carefully thought about the aftermath and all the possible consequences (emotional, mental, financial)

2. Some have not realized the system is tilted in favor of protecting the rights of the criminal (Iím not implying that Martin was one)

3. Some have not drawn that line and conditioned themselves on what is worth taking an armed stand. The cost can be death, life in prison, disabling and/or permanent injury, financial ruin, etc. The life of a family member is worth those for me; all else, not so much.

If this thread pushes those that have not considered all the possible consequences to carefully evaluate them and incorporate that knowledge into their SD plan, then it is a very good thread.

We are armed, it is not just the criminal that poses a potential danger to our loved ones, if we donít have a plan and some training so do we. We must develop plans that involve those we love, even those that donít carry, so they know to get out of the line of fire if there is a home invasion or a robbery/attack while out and about. There should be a rehearsed sign that when used family would know to step away as it is very likely the one to introduce a firearm in defense of the others will see incoming fire. Research and teach others basic first aid, slowing down blood loss for a minute or two can be the difference between life or death when EMTs are on the way.

Even if all goes as favorable as it possibly can, it is likely to be chaotic.
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