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Musings on criminals and guns

Posted 04-30-2012 at 19:11 by RussP

You carry a firearm. Why?

"Well, just in case, that one day, if someone chooses me as their victim, I'll be prepared..."

Preparation includes knowing your enemy, knowing your enemy very well...This is where your lesson begins.
Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Felt this was deserving of its own thread - if Russ disagrees, good enough.

First, background for those not familiar with me. Twelve year officer at the largest county jail in my state. Fully sworn, on/off duty arrest, etc. Married to a street cop who has nearly 12 years herself. Pro-gun officer, gun/gear geek, etc.

Alrighty, on to the fun stuff. First, and foremost, this will anger, offend, and may even contradict the world view of some people, but it needs to be said:

Contrary to the words of our dearly departed Col. Cooper (if you don't know, ask) - most "goblins" aren't scared of a gun. There, I said it. Flame away.

But, bear in mind one thing. I know these people on a level which very few outside of the LE system ever do. I know how they think, act, and why (for the most part) they do what they do. How? Easy, I'm locked up with them 40 hours a week, and see them on the street while working my off duty jobs 10 or so hours a week.

Seriously - pick a name that's been on the news in my area for something lately. There's a 99% chance I know the guy, and his history. That gives me a perspective that's the average person doesn't have....which is how I know they're not scared of guns.

I've got folks inside who have been shot, more than once, and are alive to tell me about it. From guys who took 3 .44 rounds to the lower abdomen to a guy who took five center mass rounds from an auto, to a guy that still had a bullet in his skull. They don't care.

At the core of it, is a simple concept. Are wolves scared of sheep? To people such as these, armed or not, you ARE a sheep. The mere presence of a gun does not mean you are NOT prey for them. Were that the case, there would not be a memorial for my brethren in D.C. with names of the dead from hostile gunfire (among other reasons, but that's not the point), nor would there be thousands of law enforcement officers injured after fighting with suspects.

As has been mentioned on GT before, there exists a study (Sam, got a link?) of offenders who killed cops. The main point to take away was that the offenders attacked because they felt the officers were weak. Now, according to the mindset of some on here (argue all you want, deep down, we all know there's more than a few who think this way), since there was an armed good guy around, said attack should never have taken place.

That's crap, nothing but wishful thinking, and will get you hurt or killed. Predators aren't scared of their food, its just that simple. They need a reason to be wary, and someone walking around carrying a gun just doesn't do it. They need to believe that you will not hesitate in using that gun, if necessary. They have to believe it, not you.

Again, using myself as an example - I don't outwardly appear as threatening as do, say, two of my coworkers. Both are 6'4 and obviously into working out and martial arts. So, I have to present myself as someone who will not put up with crap, and who might just make (that fight painful enough to not be fun. Usually, it works.

That principle applies to civilians (seriously, don't start - I took an oath and there's exists enough case law to screw me, should I fail to perform my job adequately) carrying guns. Don't act like prey - watch who and what is around you. Play games like "what color shirt and pants is he wearing, and what would I do if he started shooting right now?" And while there are at least two schools of thought on this, I say to not be shy with doing it. Some will say to be unobtrusive as possible, but I feel that's geared for intel/counterintel types or special plainclothes security work, as opposed to everyday living.

Basically, the gist of this long winded post is this: don't look like a victim is a big part of NOT being a victim. A gun means nothing to all but the most weak criminals (and those types dont do physical assaults, they work more thievery/fraud type stuff).

Comments are welcome - but don't get your panties twisted if i disagree. My observations come from knowing, and seeing on a daily basis, real life criminals that most of you just see on the news. Not bragging about that, as I can't wait to retire - just saying it, because there's a few who seem to believe Cooper's comments about most criminals being cowards that will flee from the sight of a gun. Its just not true, and believing it may get one killed.
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