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Simply The Best!!!

Posted 05-07-2011 at 13:43 by TheBelly
Updated 05-07-2011 at 13:45 by TheBelly

I was told once that a smart person learns from their mistakes. I've also been told that a wise person can learn from someone else's mistakes. Keeping those two in the front of my brain, I'm going to add another little nugget of smarts/wisdom in the form of a motivational quote, source unknown (only because I can't remember where I saw/read/heard/felt it).

Being the better than others doesn't mean that you are the best.

Being in the military, I see quite a few characters of different persuasion. I will even go so far as to say that EVERYONE has a distinctly different goofiness about them, and that I am no exception. I'm a Type-A personality. I have problems understanding why others get all emotional about things. I really feel that everything can be simplified, made more efficient, or somehow have the fat trimmed off.

Then I see Soldiers who don't care. Some of them out rank me. All I keep thinking to myself is, "Well, if THAT one got promoted, there's no way that I CAN'T get passed over." I quickly use catch phrase #3 from above and realize that I'm not competing with the people that out rank me. I'm not really competing at all.

I'm a member of a team. I should be sharing my work products because it will make other Soldiers' lives easier. At the same time, I need to set myself apart so that others can see that I am worthy of promotion.

Most would say, "Hey, you're helping everyone out. You have a good amount of technical and tactical experience. What's not to promote?" I get worried when I hear that because the people I see getting promoted are either very horrible at their jobs (or at least seem that way) or they will eat their own young just to gain the smallest advantage. I'm competitive, but not at the cost of other's jobs, welfare, livelihood, etc.

The balance is in there somewhere, and I've got hope that I'll know it when I see it.
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