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G36 Problem and Solution?

Posted 01-29-2011 at 08:33 by GunE8

Originally Posted by English View Post
I think you have failed to understand the purpose of this thread, bu thank you for reviving it. The purpose was to match up people with problem G36s with people with no problem G36s so that we could reduce the number of variables involved in finding out why some G36s have problems which are consistent within a particular G36 and across a group of G36s.

We should all know that only a small proportion of G36s do not work as a Glock should, but that proportion is really too high and Glock is not admitting to a problem or a solution. For what it is worth, I am quite neutral about the G36 because I have no real interest in the .45ACP but each to their own choices.

Unfortunately, adding yet another G36 post to this thread takes us no further forward since we already know that lots of G36s work very reliably. Regardless of that your post is worth comment.

First of all, if you have had one or maybe two failures during a range session, which obviously produces neither the stress nor the need for maximum speed of a life threatening incident, how can you trust yourself not to generate another failure from you G36 when you most need reliability? Surely a defensive pistol should function reliably when it is not held perfectly!

Second, would you expect the Corbon and Hornady HP ammo which gave you problems in your G36 to give problems in a G21, G30 or other non Glock .45ACP pistols? I can believe that both Corbon and Hornady make occasional mistakes in manufacturing, bit I find it hard to believe that both would have made mistakes at the same time and I would expect the same ammunition to work in other pistols. It seems more likely that it is your particular G36 that has the problem.


Mr. English-

I, as others that have similarly and will likely continue to post, believe our experiences and parameters are worth sharing for those experiencing G36 issues. If this is not what you accept on this thread- so state it.
Otherwise, the default concept most subscribe to is: experience a masterful teacher is.

Since I've only put 250 rds thru G36 #, the jury may still be out. Yes, I am aware of the failure potential. As I put more rounds thru G36 #2, especially in and outside a less than sterile range environment, I will gladly report results.

The 1st G36 performed perfectly during the PD course using ball ammo, I don't expect G36 #2 to repeat any failures, especially after 400+ rds break-in.

Should I encounter a failure during a life threatening incident, I trust my training, practice and experience- I will revert to cunning while performing the clearing drill quickly and efficiently as I was trained to. Living in Miami pretty much IS a life-threatening experience every day.
Nuff said.

Lastly and honestly. I'm not concerned with any expected Corbon or Hornady ammo problems that might occur in another Glock model.
My intent was to provide my G36 experience and share words a Glock rep replied to me regarding my G36 FTFeed events.
There is little doubt it was a problem with the G36 #1- thus far the same HP ammo problem cannot be duplicated with the G36 #2. More rounds down range may or may not prove remarkable. I will be more than glad to provide more data.

My apologies- with regard to and honoring your original request, I live/shoot in the Southern part of Miami, Florida. Miami has a large Glock dealer, with certified armorers on staff.
I'm willing to help anyway I can anywhere from Key Largo to West Palm Beach.
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