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Blizzard '11 - A reloading BONANZA!! :)

Posted 02-02-2011 at 00:18 by MakeMineA10mm

Well, the blizzard has had the nice side-benefit of giving me some time to reload! Got sent home from work and told not to come back until Thursday (at the earliest), can't do anything outside, and the women-folk have monopolized the TV (which is OK with me), so I've been in the basement!!

First off, I got the last of my 30-06 cases primer pocket crimps removed. Saved and weighed the brass chips and came out with about 62.0 grs of brass!! That's about enough to make 2/3 of another whole 30-06 case!! I'll take a pick of the pile of brass chips and add it hear tomorrow. I also started annealing this last batch, but stopped after about 70 of them. Wrists just getting tired...

Also, on the 30-06 front, I got the Dillon RT1200 die for the 30-06. So, tomorrow, I plan on finishing the annealing and then starting on the sizing/trimming! Still have to mix up my home-brew Dillon Case Lube, but that shouldn't be any real trouble. Need to find a pump-bottle to put it in, though...

Since starting this re-entry into handloading, one of the things bugging me hard has been re-organizing my shop. A big step was moving my primer storage to a more secluded area. This is probably the most-dangerous operation of all handloading. I have many thousands of primers, and I keep them in their original packages and those go inside a heavy wooden military surplus artillery shell container. (It's for transporting two 105mm shells.) It's not a bad box, with hinges and a lock and rope handles at both ends. I moved this box without removing the primers from storage inside, so I was a little apprehensive and extraordinarily careful. Handle breakage or clumsy dropping it, and I could have become even uglier than I am... But, all went well, and the primer magazine is now in a separate room, just off my reloading room. This area gets no (as in ZERO) traffic, as it's a closet. Nothing heavy is stored/able to be positioned above the box, and no one will go into that closet, as I have it well covered/protected, so virtually zero chance of "accidents" from unauthorized people messing around near or in the magazine...

This also freed up some space in my main room, so I can put in my cleaning table. That will happen a little later, and will incorporate the rifle vise and cleaning matt and supplies that I'd gotten earlier. (The earlier move of my primer storage far away from and behind a set of doors from where the oils/solvents, etc. will be used also creates that necessary separation so the primers won't get contaminated.)

Tomorrow, if I grow bored/fatigued of the 30-06 trimming project, I'll continue re-organizing and cleaning up the reloading room. It's getting close to the way I want it, as is. Just a little more to do.

Depending on what I get done and when, maybe I'll have some pics to post of the room, the sizing/trimming operation, and the reloading bench...
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