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A question for the blogosphere?

Posted 12-14-2010 at 22:08 by methodius
Tags guns, reviews

A little over a week ago I was loafing in the hospital (a place with which I have become way too familiar over the last five years) when I saw the ad recruiting bloggers for It intrigued me to say the least. I clicked on the link and read the traffic requirements and what they were looking for. My mind began to race as I thought of all the different articles and subjects I could write about. A huge part of my career up until my illness had been writing and speaking. Perhaps this was a way I could get back into the game again.

I wrote a quick little spot just to test the waters. I know I am not another Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. Heck, I am not even a Bill O’Reilly. I am a published author and have a couple of things currently in the hopper at a publisher. Reality set in and reality says that I am probably not going to generate the numbers I would want (like 60,000 hits a month) or that would make this worthwhile (especially after my first little blurb generated a whopping 30 hits in the first week). Well on my way to a Pulitzer, ya think?

I could write a bi-weekly blog for the GlockTalk community, but who would read it? Who would really care what I had to say? I am, after all, just some guy who lives in the middle of nowhere who, like everyone else in this country, has an opinion. What makes mine special? I am a conservative Christian pastor. I have ten years of college education. I am a well read, classically educated individual. I have been married to the same woman for twenty one years. I have three children ages eleven to sixteen. I have survived liver and kidney cancer, seven major operations (five in the last four years), and a liver transplant. But what, if anything, makes me stand apart from anyone else that my opinion would matter to anyone on GlockTalk? What could I say that would drive the numbers the powers that be would want to see for their advertisers? Like I said: Reality set in.

There is certainly no shortage of opinions on the web. There are more bloggers than lawyers these days and that’s saying something. In order to give the website what they want (increased traffic and additional eyes and clicks on advertisers banners) you need to give people something they want to draw them in. It is basic marketing, right? If I offer a blog spot I want it to be useful to people and to give them something positive. I do not want to put out another self-aggrandizing opinion piece or daily rant about things that tick me off or about stuff I cannot change.

The idea I have for my blog spot is not a new one. It is not unique, but given my situation and my abilities it is what I can offer. What I would like to do with my blog spot is real world, working man gun reviews on firearms you and I can afford and would actually buy. To keep it centered on what people want I would like the blog community to put forward suggestions as to what they would like tested rather than simply being spoon fed what the industry says is the latest and the greatest. If my local FFL and good friend can get a requested firearm in I will order it and test it.

To start I envision one firearm review a month and as this takes off I would like to see it evolve into one handgun and one long gun review a month. Ideally each firearm would be tested in a well-cared-for manner (not torture tested) and then auctioned off on one of the on-line auction sites with any proceeds paying for ammunition and other supplies needed for the testing of reviewed firearms.

I want to state up front that I want do the “reviews” differently from the gun magazines. I do not want to get bogged down in descriptions of the gun and its mechanisms that read like a engineer’s journal. In addition I sincerely want this to be a working man’s blog and review. While I don’t want to place an overly arbitrary dollar limit on what I will or will not review I think most of you out there will be reasonable with your input as to what you would like to see reviewed. I want this to be as much your blog spot as it is mine and I honestly do not see a custom $3500 bolt gun topped with $1800 worth of glass making its way to the testing range with me.

If there are no objections from anyone (particularly the powers that be) I would like to kick this blog off in January 2011 with a review of the Ruger SR9C. So what do you think? Is this an endeavor upon which we should embark in the blogosphere? Would you, the readers, like to see a regular blog spot dedicated to reviewing affordable firearms? If so what do you want to see reviewed?
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