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Welcome to the Glock Talk. With thousands of users we are considered the leading Glock pistol forum. Our website is more than just another Glock forum where you can come and chat about your new gun, it is the one stop location for those who are serious about learning everything they can about the Glock pistol and the different ways it can be used.

Glock Talk
Welcome To The Glock Talk Forums.
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Site News & Support
This for is a place to ask general how-to questions about the functions of this site. This is the place to ask for help with an avatar or how to modify your sig line, etc.
Yesterday 05:11 Go to last post
3,561 11,592
Sponsor Showcase (2 Viewing)
This forum is a place for my sponsors to keep you informed about the products they offer. Only sponsors can originate threads here, but anyone can reply to their threads. Please confine your questions/replies to the topics at hand. Customer service i
1,468 9,380
Sponsor Forums (11 Viewing)
These forums are moderated by representatives of the sponsors. They can choose what is allowable to post, within the TOS of Glock Talk, and can remove or edit posts at their discretion. If you participate in this area, keep your comments civil and DO NOT use these forums to post customer service issues.
08-28-2014 19:07 Go to last post
163 409
Go Ask The Expert Forums
This section contains forums that are moderated by recognised experts, in their given fields.
by varget
Yesterday 12:22 Go to last post
77 550
This Go Ask The Expert forum is for questions on NFA Class III issues
06-17-2014 22:32 Go to last post
231 658
Go Ask The Expert on survival, preparedness and sustainability issues.
01-21-2014 08:13 Go to last post
85 231
Go Ask The Expert forum for long-range shooting issues
05-20-2014 16:47 Go to last post
133 352
This Go Ask The Expert forum covers all aspects of self-defense.
08-28-2014 21:47 Go to last post
2,869 7,766
The Go Ask The Expert forum for everyone's favorite black rifle.
08-18-2014 17:40 Go to last post
247 662
This Go Ask The Expert forum is for your questions about night vision devices and related issues.
1 36
Glock Talk
General Glocking (44 Viewing)
This forum is for the discussion of Glock pistols, accessories or issues directly related to Glocks. Please help keep this forum on-topic.
9,057 194,091
Valuable Info (1 Viewing)
A forum for valuable Glock information being saved for posterity.
by Pooldog
Yesterday 23:00 Go to last post
20 5,296
by RS7
Yesterday 11:36 Go to last post
542 5,593
GSSF (2 Viewing)
This forum is for anyone looking for information or discussions concerning the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation.
Yesterday 05:41 Go to last post
1,061 16,143
The Main Room
Introduction Forum (9 Viewing)
This is a place for new members to stop in and introduce themselves.
by Pooldog
Yesterday 23:19 Go to last post
3,296 43,636
The Okie Corral (46 Viewing)
Formerly The GNG Lounge, is dedicated to the memory of one of GT's best-known and well-liked members: Okie. It is a a forum for the discussion of pretty much everything not covered by the other forums.
12,220 434,228
Tech Talk (3 Viewing)
Here by popular demand, a forum to discuss computers. This the place to track down a problem, discover some new tips and tricks, and learn about new technology and more.
9,726 79,321
WhereULive (2 Viewing)
Yesterday 21:15 Go to last post
10,274 83,861
An area for polls on topic concerning Glock Talk
08-26-2014 18:12 Go to last post
56 2,045
08-05-2014 21:03 Go to last post
49 1,381
Firearms Forums
General Firearms Forum (46 Viewing)
This forum is dedicated to the discussion of non Glock firearms. Please keep all discussions in this forum firearms related.
10,972 270,043
Tactical Shotguns (10 Viewing)
This forum is dedicated to what has been the number #1 home defense weapon for the ages.
2,388 35,989
Black Rifle Forum (10 Viewing)
6,749 133,557
1911 Forums (10 Viewing)
This forum is dedicated to the venerable 1911-style pistol. This weapon is one of the best known, best loved (and often most hated) guns in the world. Here is a place to talk about the pistol we love to love (and hate).
by bac1023
Yesterday 20:06 Go to last post
7,364 182,684
The Kalashnikov Klub (11 Viewing)
Perhaps the most prolific rifle ever produced; Over 2 billion were made! Here's the place to talk about various types, calibers, accessories, and everything else about the Avtomat Kalashnikova Obrazets 1947 rifle
2,308 31,080
Rimfire Forum (1 Viewing)
Welcome rimfire shooters! Long guns, handguns, basic models and exotics, all rimfires welcome.
by bac1023
Yesterday 20:10 Go to last post
1,568 21,319
Gun-Related Clubs (11 Viewing)
This forum contains all of the firearms-related GT club forums.
7,720 122,723
General Competition (2 Viewing)
A good place to discuss competition shooting tactics/ equipment/stuff. Don't mind the title, it's ok to talk about any firearm you want. You ca also post info on gun related events here.
by AZson
08-28-2014 19:22 Go to last post
938 7,183
Heckler & Koch Forum (4 Viewing)
A forum dedicated to the discussion of Heckler & Koch firearms
by barth
Yesterday 19:33 Go to last post
754 10,444
Practical Tactics
Carry Issues (11 Viewing)
A place to discuss any carry questions you might have, either concealed carry or open.
5,300 147,118
Tactics and Training (2 Viewing)
Having the right gun is only half of the equation. It is important to know how to carry and use a firearm safely and effectively.
Yesterday 18:50 Go to last post
1,531 12,607
This forum is dedicated to the discussion of automatic weapons, and other class III devices. Please keep all conversations here legal and civil.
212 2,486
The Armory
If it points where you shoot, this is the place to talk about it.
by pspez
Yesterday 22:01 Go to last post
3,081 29,678
Caliber Corner (24 Viewing)
Caliber Corner is a forum for the discussion of all of the various types of ammunition out there. If you have a question about the merits of a particular brand/type of ammo, this is the place to pose it. If you are looking for a discussion on which c
4,381 98,768
Gun-Parts & Access. (6 Viewing)
Here is a section for questions about all the nuts and bolts and parts and stuff that makes up your favorite weapon. Post/Look here for info on hard parts, sights & optics, magazines, grips or any other type of firearm part or accessory.
by myg30
Yesterday 08:18 Go to last post
958 7,241
Gunsmithing (1 Viewing)
Post here to discuss any type of gun-related problems, maintenance issues or customization questions.
1,321 9,697
Reloading (7 Viewing)
Finally, a section dedicated to the art/science/hobby of reloading (or Bullet Packing, as MarkCO's wife calls it. I loved that!)
by bdhawk
Yesterday 22:45 Go to last post
8,307 153,910
The Cutting Edge (3 Viewing)
This forum is dedicated to all manner of knives and edged weapons. If it has an edge, you can discuss it here.
by $lug
Yesterday 06:59 Go to last post
1,151 12,045
The Want Ads
This is GT's version of FreeCycle. If you have something you want to give away, post it here. You can ask for a reasonable amount for shipping for the item if you like, but you cannot ask for payment for the item, if you post it here. Do you have a drawer full of holsters you no longer use, or accessories for things you no longer own? If you have anything lying around drawing dust and you would like to pass it on to someone else.
7 24
This is a Classified Ads area for inexpensive items of any type. You can list pretty much anything you want here, as long as it is cheap. Think of this forum as the cyber analog of your neighborhood Thrifty Nickel Classified Ads paper.
08-20-2014 06:11 Go to last post
5 22
Firearms Listings (3 Viewing)
Ads for firearms for sale can be found/posted in this forum.
by MedEvac
Yesterday 22:00 Go to last post
558 3,538
Listings for firearms parts, components and accessories should be placed here, with the exception of holster ads, which have their own forum.
512 1,445
If you are looking to buy or sell a knife, or other edged weapon, or knife-related parts accessories or related items, this is the forum for you.
by DirtNap
Yesterday 15:27 Go to last post
51 113
Ads for holsters, mag carriers, gun cases, slings, etc..., should be placed here.
by scarrz
Yesterday 20:06 Go to last post
254 575
Misc. Gun Stuff (1 Viewing)
This area is for firearms-related items that don't fit in the other firarms-related categories.
Yesterday 23:25 Go to last post
36 96
Misc. Non-Gun Stuff (1 Viewing)
If you have something to sell that is not related to fireams, you can list it here.
by g29andy
Yesterday 12:12 Go to last post
66 142
Wanted To Buy (1 Viewing)
This is a forum where people looking to buy stuff can post what they are looking for.
by steveeD
Yesterday 20:05 Go to last post
20,867 44,955
Smart Shopper (1 Viewing)
This forum is the place to let others know about a good deal you just found, ask everyone how much something should cost, share experiences with online companies, etc. This is a place where online buyers can network to make internet purchasing safer
08-29-2014 18:02 Go to last post
7,396 15,759
Serving America
Cop Talk (16 Viewing)
Here is a forum where LEO's can talk shop or issues concerning law enforcement or law enforcement officers can be posed.
by x_out86
Today 01:12 Go to last post
7,488 184,735
Firefighter/EMS Talk (2 Viewing)
This is a place for Firefighters and EMS's to talk shop, or just hang out
by Tvov
Yesterday 17:55 Go to last post
1,153 11,156
US Military Services (1 Viewing)
The forums in this area are dedicated to the five branches of the US Military services. This area also contains a Veterans forum. You can post in any of the subforums, or in the main forum itself.
by bear10
08-26-2014 10:06 Go to last post
2,286 22,792
Political & Other Important Issues
Gun-Control Issues (4 Viewing)
Discuss gun control issues. This topic can get heated, so try to respect each other's opinions.
by wrenrj1
Yesterday 18:42 Go to last post
1,358 14,403
The Furball Forum (3 Viewing)
This forum is the dumping ground for all the thread topics that people refuse to discuss civilly elsewhere on the site. If you want to argue about global warming or tattoos or breastfeeding or pit bulls or Walmart or whatever, this is the place for you.
Yesterday 09:33 Go to last post
206 8,746
The America's War On Terror forum is being set up for the discussion of current events, in these troubled times. This is the place to discuss the events in Iraq, Afganistan and other fronts of our war on terror. Please confine such discussions
by Bren
08-30-2014 09:37 Go to last post
30 199
Religious Issues (4 Viewing)
Here is a place for those religious/philosophical discussions. This topic doesn't have much of a place in a firearm's-related forum, in my opinion, but if people want to talk about it, I will give them a place to do so, if they mind their manners.
Yesterday 21:59 Go to last post
1,713 102,950
Political Issues (12 Viewing)
This forum is dedicated t the discussion of another-hot potatoe topic... Political Issues. As with the Religious Issues forum and the Civil Liberties Forum, this topic can create some very contentious discussions.I don't expect people to agree, but I
12,185 242,917
The Civil Liberties forum was created for discussions of the civil liberties issues that affect us all. Please keep all discussions civil.
275 10,676
OX & Alex Forum (1 Viewing)
Brace yourself for the tsunami of stupid that is about to hit !
Yesterday 21:35 Go to last post
1,517 54,950
The Book Rack (1 Viewing)
This is a forum dedicated to the discussion of one of my favorite pastimes, reading. Discuss your favorite books here or review something new you've just read.
08-25-2014 14:50 Go to last post
668 5,717
This forum is where all Clubhouse-related information can be posted. This is also the place to post a message if you would like to create a new club. Remember, a new club must have at least fifty members signed up before its forum is created
363 9,662
Group-Related Clubs (9 Viewing)
This forum contains forums that are dedicated to groups or organizations of people, other than state forums.
08-30-2014 20:53 Go to last post
7,285 152,380
This forum contains all the club forums that relate to land, air or sea vehicles.
by JW1178
08-30-2014 11:34 Go to last post
2,597 27,746
This forum contains all hobby, free-time, lifestyle and leisure-related club forums that don't fit into any other category. This category is pretty broad and will contain an eclectic collection of club forums.
5,290 59,443
In memory of Woof, a GT member who loved animals and always had a kind word to share. A corner to discuss your pets. All animal questions and discussions are welcome.
by ARP
08-18-2014 09:24 Go to last post
2,063 19,805
A place to discuss survival in extreme situations
by Revvv
Today 00:47 Go to last post
1,842 56,319
The Lighter Side (1 Viewing)
This is a place where people can indulge in a little humor, to lighten their day. Feel free to post your favorite joke or antecdote, as long as it isn't racially derogatory or sexually explicit. I want everyone to have a good time here, but try to ke
08-29-2014 20:56 Go to last post
20,119 62,752
To be used for discuss problems with employees, employers, advice on management and getting along with coworkers, laws, taxes, technology, trends, etc.
by ShenML
05-13-2014 16:32 Go to last post
127 773
The Great Outdoors
This an area for all things outdoors. Hunting, fishing, hiking, outdoor sports, you name it.
The forum for hunting, fishing, and camping naturalists who love to use their handguns, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, bows, and rods in the wildness. Beast, fish or fowl. If it's an outdoor activity, this is the place.
3,266 34,421

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